How to edit Android apps from within your device

There are so many reasons why you might want to edit an app on your device. Could be because you want to correct something ‘you deem’ an error in the UI, change or modify the app permissions, edit UI text, etc.

With Apkeditor, editing Android apps has never been easier. Both installed apps and ordinary apk files can be modified without stress.

If for once you have ever wanted to modify installed app data, with ApkEditor you are just good to go.

How to edit

  • If you want to edit an apk file in your sdcard, click on Select an APK file. If its an installed app, select second option: Select Apk from App
  • Navigate to the folder where the apk file is located. select it and from the popup, click on Full Edit (RESOURCE RE-BUILD), now allow Apkeditor to completely load the file.
  • You now see three (3) different tabs at bottom of your phone screen. 

First is the String. Here you can edit or modify all the text content of the app. You can change any default text to whatever you want.

Second is the Resource tab. From here you can change any icon(s) in the app.
Last is Manifest. There you can grant, modify, or decline the app certain permissions, etc (Don’t just come in here unless you ‘know what you’re doing’) ­čśŤ

  • After all the hard work has been done, click Save, (located at the top-right of your screen). Be patient and wait for the app to be repacked and signed.

  • Once that is complete, you’ll get this screen…
  • Ensure to follow the instructions on that screenshot and uninstall the original app before attempting to install the modified version. Else, you’ll get this error…
Done! You have successfully edited the app. Launch the modified app to see changes.

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