How To Add Read more Link To Whatsapp Messages

Weeks ago, Whatsapp introduced features that made it possible for users to format text as bold, italics, etc.

Now you can add read more links to your whatsapp messages with ease. Actually, I can’t tell exactly how long this feature has existed in Whatsapp source, but one thing I know for certain is- it’s not recent.

If you’re typing a long message and wish to add a read more link to the text, read the simple guide below. But then, carefully! Any slightest error will cause it to not work.


Adding Readmore link to Whatsapp messages

  • Download this text file – Whatsapp Readmore Link
  • Edit using any text editor
  • The text file is blank. Type your message inside the blank text file.


how to add readmore to whatsapp message

  • If you want to add a click below text, do not let it exceed the fourth or fifth text line.
  • Now copy the message you have typed in the blank text file and paste in Whatsapp.
  • Tap the send button and that’s all.


how to add readmore to whatsapp message

Alternatively, you can download this app (by Toni Torres) from Google PlayStore (for Android users) to help you add read more link to your text.

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You can also watch this short video guide to help you understand how to add read more link in Whatsapp. (Video credits: DT Tricks & Jobs):


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