How to flash Huawei OTA firmware without SDcard

Sometimes we find it difficult flashing or installing a new firmware on our Huawei smartphone or tablet because the stock recovery required for flashing OTA updates is either broken, or the phone is completely soft bricked. By this, it seems almost impossible to flash any stock firmware on the device.

As most (if not all) Huawei official firmware packages are basically OTA files, you need to flash from the phone’s storage.

If you have one of the problems mentioned above, follow the instructions below to learn how to flash the update via PC and without sdcard.

Learn how to flash Huawei official OTA with sdcard

Flashing Huawei Without SDcard

  1. Download the official full firmware from here
  2. Download the Huaweiupdateextract tool HERE or here
  3. Download the Huawei Multi-Tool multi tool by Team MT here
  4. Install both tools
  5. Extract the downloaded firmware until you see the UPDATE.APP file
  6. Open the huawei extract tool and load UPDATE.APP
  7. Extract the following Files from the UPDATE.APP files: BOOT.img, CUST.img, RECOVERY.img, SYSTEM.img, USERDATA.img
  8. Copy or simply move those images into the HUAWEI Multi Tool by Team MT/Unbrick directory
  9. Start phone into fastboot mode
  10. Start the Huawei Multi-Tool and enter “6” for Unbrick menu and Press Enter
  11. Type “N” for continue and press Enter
  12. Type “2” to Continue. The files are in /Unbrick and press Enter
  13. Just follow the instructions and your phone will be flashed with a stock firmware!
  14. After flashing stock firmware, you can download the official update under Settings -> Updater!
  15. That’s all!


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