What You Should Know About Facebook Comments & Reactions

With your everyday use of Facebook’ comment and post reaction features, you should know who can see your post activity, and also how to restrict viewing of your activity to select person(s) when you feel the need.

The following are facts you should be aware of, with regards to Facebook Comments and Reactions:

  1. Anyone who can see a certain post will also be able to see any reactions or comments people have made on it, including if you’ve reacted or commented.
  2. The person who posts something has control over the audience who can see it. Every post includes an icon that lets you see the audience.
  3. Audience choices include Friends, Public and more specific options that can be customized.
  4. Remember that after someone posts something, they may change the audience at any time and you won’t be notified. For example, a friend could share a photo with their friends and later update the audience to Public.
  5. If you commented on a photo, even when the audience was set to Friends, your comment would become public, too.

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