Ewa A106 Pro review and specifications

If you love listening to music and watching videos on your mobile device(s) and want high quality, loud, and clear sound from the media your play, the Ewa A106 Pro is the mini-speaker you need, if you’re a fan of small, portable and cool-looking gadgets.


The Ewa A106 Pro is one of the smallest Bluetooth speakers there is today. Regardless its very small size, it is loud and with high quality sound. Ewa A106 Pro sounds pretty good outdoors, but is great indoors. You can even use it for a small indoor party with friends.

Ewa A106 Pro Specifications

ModelA106 Pro
Wireless Range20m
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Easy and fast connection

Ewa A106 Pro bluetooth connection is made to be pretty easy and straightforward. Whether you’re setting it up for the first time or reconnecting, it’s as easy as saying ‘easy’.

Connecting the bluetooth speaker to your phone, tablet, or laptop for the first time requires you to power on the mini-speaker (by pressing the power button for a few seconds- it should be beep once on), then search for new bluetooth devices on your phone. Once Ewa A106 Pro is detected, select the device and click ‘Pair’. That’s all.

For subsequent connection to the same phone, just turn on bluetooth and power Ewa A106 Pro- the devices will connect automatically, almost immediately the mini-speaker is powered on.

Playback/ Standby time

The Ewa A106 Pro can last over five hours straight while playing music over the device, and this is based on a single charge. About standby time, the device shuts down after about 1-2 minutes of inactivity, to help save battery power.

Battery life / Charging duration

With its 700mAh battery capacity this bluetooth speaker has a pretty good and reliable battery life. Don’t think 700mAh is too small, no it isn’t. Ewa A106 Pro is just a ‘wireless speaker’ that basically amplifies the audio/sound transmitted from your phone or other input device. It has very few processes to handle, and as such doesn’t require very high battery capacity like smartphones.

Depending on the power source, it could take the Ewa A106 Pro upto 2-hrs to charge from 0-100. It is also important to note that you cannot use the mini-speaker while it’s charging.


Sound quality & Volume

The sound quality on this device may not be perfect, but it’s great. It outputs very clear sound with deep bass that doesn’t distort sound quality. For its size, the mini-speaker is really loud; personally I never thought it could be that loud. It doesn’t have any volume control buttons though, it relies on the volume controls of the connected device.

It is very important for you to understand that the sound quality of any wireless speaker also depends on the audio quality of the source media- the music or video file that you’re playing. If you wish to know more about audio format, bit-rate and how it impacts sound quality checkout this resource.


Like I already mentioned, as a mini-speaker the Ewa A106 Pro is very small and easy to carry. It can almost fit into ‘any small space’. Speaking of portability- it has a small pouch with a ring you can easily attach to the pouch making it easier to carry about. You can also decide to not take the mini-speaker out from its pouch but still listen to music from it. The pouch has tiny holes on one side, from where you can channel the sound from the speaker positioning.


Ewa A106pro is rated IP67 level protection. This means that the device will still function normally after being hit by certain weather conditions as rain, dust, and snow. And most importantly, IP67 rated devices are shock proof.


No SDcard slot: Personally I don’t see this as downside. But for some others, having no sdcard slot is a total ‘no brainer’.

Low battery alert: Once the device battery power drops below 20% while in use, it will start to beep every few seconds until you either turn it off and charge it or ignore the beeps. I strongly believe you won’t ignore the beeps though- it’s very annoying (and loud) and interrupts sound output every few seconds, making it unusable at this time.

No microphone: this means it can’t be used for conference calls with family and friends, or any form of hands-free communication.

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