Employee Vacation Tracker; Why You Should Have One

What are employees’ salaries typically based on? Usually, either on the time they spend in the workplace or the amount of work they do. In any case, people have sick leaves and vacations, so it may get more difficult to calculate their salaries. Especially when it’s summer or a holiday season.

The question is, how can those hours be calculated precisely not to make mistakes in payments? Working hours and vacation time are very often counted through Excel files or Google Sheets. And as to the chances for mistakes, yes, they can often be made, and employees’ salaries can be counted wrong.

And is it possible to avoid those mistakes? Sure thing! In our age of technologies, there is software literally for anything, and for counting employees’ working hours in particular. Such programs save businesses time and allow them to count workers’ salaries accurately and effortlessly!

Employee Vacation Tracker; Why You Should Have One

Traditional Vacation Tracking

But let’s first figure out what’s wrong with the most traditional method of employee vacation tracking.

And the first question is, why has this instrument become that popular? The two main reasons here are simple and obvious:

  • It’s free.
    Currently, using Google Sheets is completely free of any fees. So, it can be used at any moment and within an unlimited amount of time.
  • It’s easy to use.
    The ease of use of this software depends on the preceding experience in working with it.
  • Easy to learn.
    This product is really not complicated to learn to work with for newbies.

Google Sheets is a nice service for self-reports many people make if their salary depends on the amount of work they do. For example, many bloggers use it to see how much is done, how much is made, and when there’s more to do. This helps to avoid blogging burnout and always have relevant data on hand. However, for large companies (like a Call center business) with hundreds of employees, Google Sheets or Excel might not be the best option.

One of the disadvantages is that there aren’t many automatic features, so the data has to be input manually. And that’s where the human factor comes in.

And it’s not the worst thing about Google Sheets as a vacation tracker. That data in payroll tables can be easily manipulated so that it’s not sufficiently secure. Nowadays, employee safety is a hot topic. You can read more on different affordable guest posts impact on the issue to be updated.

Using special software

The best alternative to Google Sheets or Excel documents is special software. It was developed specially for preparing payrolls accurately.

It works smoothly and can be accessed by each employee who can customize the program to themselves. Employee vacation tracking software is fully automated, which allows workers to apply for days off without disturbing any HRs personally but simply by filling the corresponding form in the program.

Still, in contrast to Google Sheets, special vacation-tracking software is not free. To use it on a regular basis, you will need to pay for the subscription or choose another program with a different payment method required. But it’s worth it.

Pros of employees’ vacation tracking software

  1. Accurate reports on each employee’s work and vacation.
    With the help of software, you will be able to see in detail how your workers perform. So, you will see who puts their time to the job and who is often slacking off and is repeatedly absent. This information allows you to make fair decisions on raising salaries and see what employees deserve a promotion.
  2. Employees’ productivity boost.
    Scientists have found out that people tend to show better work results if they are watched. And when employees know that their time is being tracked, they tend to become more productive. So, using this software can positively imprint on a company’s incomes!
    For example, using vacation tracking software could boost productivity of those who use automotive work opportunities.
  3. Accurate payrolls.
    While using Google Sheets or Excel documents for your own reports is one of the popular tips for remote employees, large corporations rarely benefit from them as human errors can sometimes appear. And if there are no errors with the data in tables, they could be in counting end results and salaries.
    In the case of a special app, the situation is completely different. The program automatically counts how much time an employee worked and for how long they were absent. Thus, no errors are possible, payrolls are always accurate, and salaries are fair.

Basically, the list of advantages could be longer, depending on the software you use. Most common options don’t have:

  • Access control;
  • Multiple ways to report attendance;
  • Task tracking;
  • Location tracking;
  • Time tracking;
  • Timesheets;
  • Reports.

To get all of that, you should choose your software very carefully. There should be a ratio of price and functionality you need for the company. So, first of all, think about the features you need, consider the scale of your company and how much automation you need. Then, consider the price tag to see if you can handle it. As a result, the best piece of software will come your way.

To Summarize

Special employees’ vacation tracking software is the best solution for accurate tracking of employees’ time! As it is fully automated, it is error-free and generates fair payrolls, leading to fair promotions. The only disadvantage of using the software is its price, which is not always easy to pay for small companies. But after all, isn’t it worth its price if it allows growing the company’s incomes?

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