Has Duta services on WhatsApp been shutdown?

Duta stopped working

A few months ago we wrote an article on how to use Duta services on WhatsApp to get (almost) real-time updates on sports, entertainment, news, events, religion, and a whole lot of other things you might be interested in.

But for a while now all of Duta services offered on WhatsApp seems to have been on pause as users no longer receive updates on the services they subscribed to.

Regardless the complaints on social media and other platforms by users to know what’s really going on with Duta and why it isn’t functioning as ‘usual’, no outstanding information has been uncovered and Duta is yet to release an official publication explaining the service interruption.

While checking Duta official Facebook page, I found a post which may have possible answer to why Duta services on WhatsApp is no longer functioning. See below:

*Final update!!!**…Closure of duta services following WhatsApp-Duta relations failure…*Please not that with…

Posted by Felix Kyalo on Thursday, December 5, 2019

We have made attempts to inquire directly from Duta team so as to get an official update on this. Once we get feedback, this post will be updated.

If you are still asking to know why Duta is no longer working, well, now you have an idea.


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