Download Telefunken SmartPhone USB Drivers

Select and download from the links below the USB driver that is meant for your Telefunken smartphone and tablet.

After downloading, extract the installation file from zip package and install on your PC. Once installation is complete, reboot the PC and it should be ready for use.

Do not hesitate to report broken links.


Download Drivers

Telefunken TelC-1013GIQPDownload
Telefunken TEL1013GIQDownload
Telefunken Lima LTEDownload
Telefunken InspireDownload
Telefunken VisionDownload
Telefunken Live TL2Download
Telefunken Enjoy TEDownload
Telefunken TS 450 COSIDownload
Telefunken Outdoor LTEDownload
Telefunken LTE GoldDownload
Telefunken LTE MikeDownload
Telefunken Foxtrot 2Download
Telefunken SierraDownload
Telefunken TangoDownload
Telefunken EchoDownload
Telefunken FoxtrotDownload
Telefunken Diamond LTE PlatinumDownload
Telefunken Outdoor WT4Download
Telefunken Live TL3Download
Telefunken Selfie TS2Download
Telefunken Selfie TS1Download
Telefunken Enjoy TE2Download
Telefunken Business TBDownload
Telefunken Diamond TD3Download
Telefunken Diamond TD2Download
Telefunken Diamond TD1Download
Telefunken CulinnanDownload
Telefunken Live TL1Download
Telefunken Enjoy TE1Download

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