Download G’five President Shark 3 Stock Firmware

This G’five President Shark 3 stock rom was read from CM2 Box and can only be flashed via CM2 Box. Download the firmware package from below and follow flashing instructions at the end of this post.



President Shark 3 ROM – Download


How to flash

As already explained above, the firmware package shared here can only be flashed via CM2SPD tool. To flash via CM2SPD, follow below instructions:

  1. Download CM2SPD
  2. Unpack the downloaded firmware archive
  3. Install and launch CM2SPD Tool
  4. Select your device CPU
  5. Click flash button and Select Pac option.
  6. Now navigate to where you unpacked the firmware and select SC77xx_FLASH_CONF.pac
  7. Click flash button now and connect your device to PC via USB
  8. Wait for flashing process to complete.
  9. Done!

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