Download and Flash Infocus M680 Stock Firmware: WorldWide Version

Infocus M680 Stock firmware

Weeks ago I published a post about Infocus M680 stock firmware file download and its flashing guide. Later, I was made to understand from the comment of Mohd Faraz that the firmware is incompatible with all M680’s’: it was region based.

Due to my not very flexible schedules, Mohd was able to get the World Wide (WW) version of Infocus M680 stock firmware before I could. Huge thanks to him. #thumbs

Learn how to flash .nb0 firmware

If you have tried flashing the version here and the flashing process breaks abruptly, please consider using this version as it is completely universal and should work on Infocus M680 devices not minding the region.

For convenience, I’ve provided a mirror link to ease download.


How To Flash
As usual, this firmware can be flashed using the already existing Infocus firmware flashing guide provided in this post. Use one of the fully functional and easy-to-use guide to flash this firmware on your device.

For any issues with flashing, compatibility and other complaints, please post in comments section. Don’t forget to share this article and tell others about Leakite Android Blog. 😉

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