How To Disable Javascript On Select Sites In Chrome For Mobile

For a good number of reasons one might want to disable javascript on some websites in Google Chrome browser. It will allow access to content restricted by javascript and some other features. Disabling javascript can also serve as a kind of adblocker. Most advert networks basically use javascript code to server ads on partner websites. As such, disabling javascript removes the ads from your screen.

On Chrome for mobile, disabling javascript on a particular website is not as straight-forward as it is on PC, hence, this post.

Disabling Javascript On A Website In Chrome Browser

1. Launch Chrome browser and open Settings, as show below

Launch Chrome browser

2. Once in settings page, click Site settings

3. From the new options screen, select Javascript

4. By default, javascript is set to Allowed (for all sites). Deactivate it, then click Add Site Exception.

5. Type in the site address or url to disable javascript on, then click ADD

6. Enable javascript now, then click on the site address you just added. From the next options, click on Permissions and select Block.

7. Now you’re done. Your screen should now look something like this ⇓

Note: Disabling javascript can impact negatively on the view and rendering of certain webpages in your web browser, because most websites are designed to function basically with javascript. If you notice such, remove the site from your javascript block list or enable JavaScript for all websites entirely. Also, visit here to download or know more about Chrome.

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