How To Disable Annoying Ads and Notifications From Apps

Some applications and games downloaded from play store or the web now contain really annoying adverts that can popup notifications once data connection is activated, or when device is connected to WiFi.

These notifications sometimes appear in lockscreens, and onscreen (overlay) making it look really messy.

It is not easy to develop an app, that is for a fact, but some ads are just intolerable. Developers need to consider this.

To deactivate such ads from your notifications panel, follow the instructions below-

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps
  • Select the particular app or game you wish to turn of notifications for
  • Uncheck the option “Show Notifications
  • That’s all.

You can also access notification settings option in some devices from Settings > Notifications.


You dont actually need to use an adblocker as it might impact negatively on your device’s performance.

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