Dealing with overheating on your Smartphones

This is yet another quick guide from the Most Basic Tech Solutions series and a look into it will save you a whole lot of stress and cost of repair. Phone overheating is a major issue for all mobile phone users and you can’t be excused from this awful experience if you use a smartphone.

This article is intended to guide you through the process of dealing with overheating. All smartphones behave roughly alike while some have in-built tech to reduce overheating. We will take you through the process of keeping your device in good working temperature even during heavy usage.

Major causes of Smartphone overheating

In most cases, the primary cause of overheating is poor design and except the user is not knowledgeable, device management shouldn’t be an issue. In very well designed devices with good processors though, the cause of overheating is usually prolonged use of the smartphone for activities like gaming. Most design for smartphone downplays device temperature management (simply, heat dissipation) solution. But the most unfortunate of this is that potential buyers of these Smartphones don’t look out for this at the point of purchase, or isn’t tech savvy enough to even consider these things.

The kind casing, the nature of material for design and for phones with detachable battery, the materials used in enclosing these device batteries all play a prominent role in heat dissipation upon usage.

Do you also know that the software put into this design might not favour multitasking, as it soon gets heated up almost immediately you multitask. It may surprise you that some devices can heat up just as you enable Wi-Fi connection while charging, some might even be worse. Therefore put your mind fixed on power or heat dissipation strategy for your dream phone so as not to fall victim of smartphone overheating.

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Dealing with overheating

The quick tips help you deal with device overheating and take your time to check through and learn. These are carefully listed below:

  1. Avoid device overuse.
    Most of us are prone to keeping the phone active at hand around the clock either surfing the internet or playing games. This can be so interesting and I know, but you should as well be sure that you will increase the rate of heat generation by this device.
  2. Shut down loads of background apps
    Background apps running while you don’t need them active consume a lot of energy and great proportion of this heat is dissipated through the device body. You may need to shut this app down to save this energy and prevent overheating and battery drain.
  3. Minimize or adjust your display brightness
    Display brightness may as well lead to overheating in some mobile phones, if it’s left on for longer periods or when not in use. This is not a normal condition for smartphone generally because except you are handling a faulty device, screen brightness shouldn’t pose difficulties in energy conservation.
  4. Avoid prolonged Wi-Fi connection
    Connection to the internet through Wi-Fi / hotspot can cause overheating if left connected for a long time. You normally don’t connect and sit idle but stay online either surfing the internet, downloading files or getting an online assignment done. This leads to overheating and should be avoided or minimized, when possible.
  5. Avoid overcharging your phone battery
    Waiting till your battery charge up to a 100% can put your battery at risk, unhealthy battery will cause overheating even when you don’t know it will.
  6. Avoid using poor charging cables/adapters
    Your charger cable might as well compromise your device function and start overheating when it tampers with battery causing temporal damage to it. Ensure you keep to the correct type of charger for the device.
  7. Malware should be dealt with
    Malware could similarly lead to device malfunctioning including overheating. This software attack might affect how the phone behave and if not removed from your device, your phone may be faced with overheating when it normally should not.

We are sure this has helped you see what could cause smartphone overheating and what exactly to do to avoid it. While you wait for the next release form the Most Basic Tech Solutions, keep in mind that we have you covered.

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