Corning Gorilla Glass Victus; next-gen display protection

So many people today might not know that their smartphone screens are made of different types and grades of glass, that make different phones vary based on level of protection. There are various kinds of glasses by different brands that are used for our devices, one of which is the Corning Gorilla Glass series.

Corning Gorilla Glass Victus

Gorilla Glass is a line of chemically powered glass produced and manufactured by Corning, a New York based company. The glass is an alkali alumiosilicate sheet product that is used for various devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, laptops even cameras, and others. The glass is known for its strength, high quality and its crack resistant feature, which is as a result of the glass immersion into hot potassium- salt ion exchange solution. It is made though by ion exchange. This glass is made by Corning and marketed to various smartphone companies like Apple and Samsung for their phones. The Gorilla Glass has made many versions of it from Gorilla Glass 1 to 6. The Gorilla Glass 6 was first used by Samsung on their Phone, Samsung Galaxy S10 in 2019.

Corning has taken to its website that after a survey that was carried out, they found out that people want their phone to be scratch resistant and better protected from any damage that may occur when their device is dropped. As a result, Corning has manufactured a glass that will be known as the Gorilla Glass Victus which, as claimed, will be the toughest glass known. It can fall from a distance of 2metres (6.6 feet) without harm and a scratch resistance that is four times better than any other glass which makes it different from its competitive glass of 1.6 meters (5.2feet). Is this really as good as it sounds?

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Gorilla Glass Victus Protection level

This glass was manufactured to solve the problem of the two things that make a glass crash- which is fall and a scratch. Unlike other Gorilla Glass which solved only the problem of fall. A sandpaper test that was carried out on the glass showed that it survived an applied load of 100.5kg. The typical scratch threshold for the glass was 7-10 Newton which differs from other competitive glass with 2-4 Newton. This makes it two times better than the last Gorilla Glass 6, and four times better than competing glasses. The glass is said to come with a thinner design and might even be germ fighting.   

Gorilla glass can also be used not only for screens but also for cameras and also for a smartphone body.


Corning Gorilla Glass Victus will make your camera to be scratch resistant. On cameras, the glass is said to also enhance the optics and durability. It is true that there are other glasses that can be used for a camera but the Gorilla Glass Victus has offered to be a solution to the ideal goal.


With the emergence of 5G network and wireless charging, the normal metal body can create problems as it can interfere with antennas and is not efficient for wireless charging. Thereby, making the demand of glass for phone production to be on the high side. Imagine having any other glass asides this glass as the phone cover to your smartphone?

In as much as it sounds impossible and exaggerated, this is true but not as true. That is, a fall from same meter or feet might vary, like your phone can fall from a 6 feet height and land like it fell from a 10 feet height. Or when put in a particular place with very sharp objects expecting the phone not to crack or get scratched. I think this is where a caveat begins to apply as we will be responsible for that because Corning made a new glass that has a high fall and scratch resistance and not a glass that can never be scratched or broken when it falls. Therefore, though the glass might be a strong shield, we still need to treat our phones with care to avoid putting blames on the manufacturing company.

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