Collection of Okapia Official Firmware

Download the official stock rom (flash file) for Okapia smartphones from the firmware collection below.

If you can’t find the specific firmware needed for your smartphone, post in comments section for assistance.

Also, if any link is broken please consider to send a broken link report to us so we can fix it ASAP.


Download Options

Okapia Air MT6582 4.4.2 – Download
Okapia Desh MT6572 4.4 – Download
Okapia Easy MT6572 – Download
Okapia Elite MT6582 4.2.2 – Download
Okapia Epic MT6582 4.4.2 – Download
Okapia Evolution MT6592 4.4.2 – Download
Okapia Fusion (V1.4) 4.3 – Download
Okapia Infinity MT6582 4.4 – Download
Okapia Innova MT6582 4.2 – Download
Okapia Inspire MT6582 V1 – Download
Okapia Joy MTK6572 – Download
Okapia Joy Next MT6572 – Download
Okapia Life MT6572 – Download
Okapia Life MT6572 V2 – Download
Okapia Magic MT6572 V1 – Download
Okapia Magic MT6572 V2 – Download
Okapia Magic Plus MT6582 – Download
Okapia Magic Pro MT6582 – Download
Okapia Magic X MT6582 – Download
Okapia Matrix MT6582 – Download
Okapia Sensation MT6572 – Download
Okapia Storm MT6572 V1.9 – Download
Okapia Striker MT6572 – Download
Okapia Ultima MT6582 4.4 – Download
Okapia Ultima MT6582 4.4.2 V2.10 – Download
Okapia Xcite MT6582 K12 N45WB15M88E(STD) E716 IND FULL –


How to flash

Once you have downloaded the firmware from above link, click here to learn how to flash.

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