Collection of Gome official firmware flash files

We have put together a collection of Gome official firmware flash files to help you fix, un-brick and/or update your smartphone software.

Choose and download from below- the specific flash file for your tablet model and follow the recommended instructions to flash it.

Download Gome official firmware

ModelFirmware linkFile size
Gome K1Download1.24 GB
Gome M95ADownload820 MB
Gome S1Download1.47 GB
Gome 2017M27ADownload1.61 GB
Gome 016M25ADownload1.4 GB
Gome U9Download1.51 GB
Gome 2016G68ADownload1.35 GB
Gome U7Download954 MB
Gome U7 MiniDownload1 GB
Gome Fenmmy Note (With Google services)Download1.70 GB
Gome Fenmmy Note (Without Google services)Download1.97 GB

How to flash

After downloading the firmware from above link, extract the contents of the archive to an empty folder on your computer. Get a functional USB cable, then follow the instructions via this link to learn how to flash the firmware.

If you have any questions or other contribution please post in comments section for assistance.


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