CallTouch C88 flash file download

CallTouch C88 flash file (stock firmware) will help you flash and restore your phone to its default factory state. It will remove root, virus, un-brick, and fix your device if it’s stuck on boot logo. If your phone lags, after flashing it should be better.

Additionally, you should consider making a backup of your current firmware, and all other important data on your phone. Flashing will completely erase your phone. Also, you should only flash your device if you actually know what you’re doing. To avoid messing up your device, or turning it into a brick.

It’s also important that your device is charged up to at least 30% so the process is not interrupted due to shutdown.

If there’s a broken link, do not hesitate to report via the comments section or use the contact form.

Build/read info

Operation: Check / Read Info [v1.58]

1. Power Off Phone, Remove battery, Insert back
2. Insert USB cable. In some cases require hold BootKey

Wait for phone ...
Phone found! [62]
Sync ...
Inital Boot Ok!
BB_CPU_PID: 6572
BB_CPU_NME: [MediaTek] MT6572_S00
BB_CPU_EXT: 0xCA01, 0x8A00, 0x0000
Processing BROM stage
Settings for BROM configured!
SecCfgVal: 0x00000000
BromVer: 0x00FF
BLVersion: 0x0001
PreLoader: Active [Boot with PL]
Processing DA stage
DA Select done, will use MTK_AllInOne_DA_v5.1624.16.07
Sending and initialize DA ...
Running DA ver.4.2 on BBID: 0x88
eMMC Flash: 45010053454D303447280DCF4FAD71A7
Initialize Memory ... 
DRAM already initialized by Preloader
DAgent sent, init HW now
eMMC FlashIC initialized
[eMMC]: FLASH_VEN: 0x45, OEM: 0100
[eMMC]: FLASH_CID: 45010053454D303447280DCF4FAD71A7
[eMMC]: FLASH_BRT: 0x00200000, 0x00200000, 0x00200000
[eMMC]: FLASH_LEN: 0x00000000EC000000
[eMMC]: FLASH_UCP: 3776 MiB [eMMC 4 GiB]
DEV RID: 0x4D461D3B8295859AA52116BDE0D59C6E
INT RAM: 0x00020000
EXT RAM: 0x20000000 [512 MiB]
Boot Ok!

[AP]: Initial info read Ok!

Brand: K706-3G-HD-2
ProdName: kt07c_honghd
ProdModel: C309
Device: kt07c_honghd
AndroidVer: 4.4.2
MTKxPRJ: KT07C.3G-20151008

BTMAC Addr: 000046657201
WiFi MAC: 000000000000

BaseBand: MT6572_S00_MOLY_WR8_W1315_MD_WG_MP_V1_1_wg_n

LCD [0]: llvds_sn74avc24t245_wsvga
LCD Res: 600x1024
TOUCH [0]: gsl3680
CAM [0]: gc2145_yuv
CAM [1]: gc2155_yuv
CAM [2]: sp2518_yuv
CAM [3]: sp2519_yuv
CAM [4]: ​​gc2035_yuv
CAM [5]: bf3920_yuv
CAM [6]: sp0838_yuv
CAM [7]: sp0a18_yuv
CAM [8]: sp0a19_yuv
CAM [9]: gc0329_yuv
CAM [10]: gc0308_yuv
CAM [11]: gc0328_yuv
CAM [12]: bf3703_yuv
CAM [13]: gc0311_yuv
CAM [14]: gc0312_yuv
CAM [15]: siv121du_yuv
CAM [16]: gc0309_yu
CAM [17]: hi704_yuv
MODEM: new_bit1_bit2_bit5_lokyee72_wet_hspa
LOCALE: en_US th_TH in_ID es_ES zh_CN zh_TW ru_RU pt_BR fa_IR fr_FR de_DE tr_TR it_IT ms_MY vi_VN ar_EG pt_PT nl_NL el_GR hu_HU tl_PH ro_RO cs_CZ iw_IL my_MM km_KH ko_KR pl_PL es_US bg_BG hr_HR lv_LV lt_LT sk_SK uk_UA de_AT da_DK fi_FI nb_NO sv_SE en_GB

Elapsed: 00:00:13
Reconnect Power / Cable!
Size289 MB

Flashing instructions

You need tools like SP Flashtool or Miracle Box to flash this firmware. Get a working USB cable, then follow the instructions below-

  • Unpack downloaded firmware to an empty folder
  • Make sure you’ve installed the required drivers on your PC.
  • Launch flashtool and load the firmware. You might need to wait a few seconds for it to process completely
  • Now power off your device and click here to read full flashing instructions if using SP Flashtool.

If you need any help on this device or flashing instructions, or you’ve got other contribution- do not hesitate to post in the comments section below. We do our best to reply and answer your questions.

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