Xiaomi Redmi Note 8/Note 8 Pro firmware (Fastboot/Recovery ROM)



Updated: June 26, 2024

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8/Note 8 Pro official firmware on this page will help you upgrade/update your phone MIUI version, move from Global Beta to Global Stable ROM (vice versa), un-brick or restore your device to its default factory state.

If you previously rooted or modified the system (or other) partition of the phone in any way, flashing the fastboot ROM will overwrite all existing modified system files to replace with factory software.

To ensure that all important data on the phone (like contacts, messages, app data, etc) is safe, back them all up because you could loose data after flashing.

Again, charge the phone to at least 50% so that the flashing process will not be interrupted by low battery. Interrupting the firmware installation means bricking your phone.

Download either the fastboot or recovery firmware from the link(s) below and follow the recommended flashing instructions immediately after the download options. Do not hesitate to report any broken links detected.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8/Note 8 Pro fastboot ROM

ModelVersionRegionFirmwareRelease Date
Redmi Note 8 ProV12.0.5.0.QGGMIXMGlobalDownload2020-11-07
Redmi Note 8 ProV12.0.3.0.QGGEUXMEuropeDownload2020-12-13
Redmi Note 8V12.0.3.0.QCOMIXMGlobalDownload2020-12-26
Redmi Note 8V12.0.1.0.QCOINXMIndiaDownload2020-10-30
Redmi Note 8V11.0.3.0.PCOMIXMGlobalDownload2019-11-19
Redmi Note 8 ProV10.4.2.0.PGGMIXMGlobalDownload2019-10-24
Redmi Note 8 ProV10.4.5.0.PGGEUXMEuropeDownload2019-10-07

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8/Note 8 Pro Recovery ROM (local update)

ModelVersionRegionFirmware LinkFile Size
Redmi Note 8V11.0.3.0.PCOMIXM (MIUI 10)GlobalDownload1.91 GB
Redmi Note 8 ProV11.0.1.0.PGGMIXM (MIUI 10)GlobalDownload1.93 GB
Redmi Note 8 ProV11.0.1.0.PGGEUXM (MIUI 10)EuropeDownload1.93 GB
Redmi Note 8 ProV11.0.1.0.PGGRUXM (MIUI 10)RussiaDownload1.92 GB

Important! Always backup existing firmware before flashing any firmware.

How to flash Xiaomi firmware

After downloading the firmware from above link, get a functional USB cable, then follow the instructions via this link to learn how to flash Xiaomi fastboot and recovery firmware.

If you have any questions or other contribution please post in comments section for assistance.