Trending Instagram Hashtags to Increase Engagement



Updated: June 20, 2024

Trending Instagram hashtags are becoming essential tools for influencers and marketers alike. These little yet profound messages can turn a commonplace idea into a worldwide phenomenon. No astute digital strategy can afford to neglect the chance to improve post-exposure, increase reach, and drive engagement.


Instagram’s constantly changing algorithm and dynamic user interface call for an active strategy for trending hashtags, one that is focused on knowing what’s popular and how to use it to our advantage in our social media presence.

Since their first use, hashtags have revolutionized social media, marked important historical moments, and drawn attention to pressing social issues. We are fortunate to have them. Instagram makes it much easier to discover relevant things with how many hashtags there are. The hashtag generator from 1394TA would lift your Instagram up to new success fast and safely.

Influencers and marketers can’t imagine Instagram without hashtags. But we need to use popular Instagram hashtags to realize their potential fully. Considering all that, the answer is yes, of course they work.

Top Instagram Hashtags for Engagement for 2023

Hashtags are essential for increasing interaction on your Instagram photos. Your post’s exposure, reach, and engagement may all be improved by thoughtfully inserting the appropriate popular hashtags into your content. In 2023, a few hashtags emerged as particularly useful for driving engagement on an Instagram post.

50 Trending Instagram Hashtags

1. #explorepage

2. #fashion

3. #love

4. #viral

5. #instagood

6. #tbt

7. #photooftheday

8. #fun

9. #fitness

10. #like4like

11. #followme

12. #me

13. #selfie

14. #summer

15. #follow

16. #instadaily

17. #instalike

18. #friends

19. #nature

20. #trendingnow

21. #style

22. #trending

23. #repost

24. #smile

25. #food

26. #likeforlike

27. #family

28. #travel

29. #worldcup

30. #tagsforlikes

31. #viralpost

32. #life

33. #amazing

34. #instamood

35. #beauty

36. #igers

37. #instagram

38. #photo

39. #makeup

40. #photography

41. #sunset

42. #dog

43. #beach

44. #nofilter

45. #model

46. #lifestyle

47. #music

48. #foodporn

49. #motivation

50. #sky

These trending and related hashtags can help you gain followers, views, and likes on Instagram. Using hashtag research tools, You can create different but powerful phrases.

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Types of Hashtags on Instagram

A key component of good Instagram marketing is using the best hashtags. You can improve the discoverability of your uploads, draw in a targeted audience, and increase interaction via trending Instagram hashtags. It’s crucial to comprehend the best hashtags you may employ to complement your plan if you want to get the popular ones.

  1. Location-based Hashtags

A particular hashtag associates your content with specific places. They are handy for companies operating locally or with a specific geographic focus. For instance, hashtags like #LAEats or #ParisFoodies can assist a restaurant in those cities in connecting with nearby Instagram users.

  1. Create Branded and Campaign Hashtags

Branded hashtags are specific to your company and can be a focal point for your neighborhood. Use at least one hashtag throughout your social media content to help your fans feel like they belong to you.

Furthermore, the best hashtags are made specifically for marketing campaigns, brand debuts, or competitions. These let you track the effectiveness of your campaigns and promote user engagement. Using your own hashtags on your Instagram content can increase your chances of appearing on people’s home pages.

  1. Niche Tags on Instagram

User-generated content can be found in plenty if you encourage your audience to look at your content that is relevant to your social media platforms and uses particular hashtags. Using popular and niche hashtags, UGC provides your clients, supporters, and followers with a sense of value and engagement.

Although using every trendy Instagram hashtag might be appealing, they might not necessarily be the most appropriate. Making a difference when using the right popular hashtags can be challenging since your material may be rapidly buried behind a flood of postings that add hashtags.

Also, using too broad hashtags, such as #tbt, may draw a sizable but unfocused audience. The idea is to strike a balance between finding and specializing trending hashtags.

8 Best Tips for Instagram Hashtags

Instagram hashtag skill demands a blend of planning, imagination, and precision. When used wisely, hashtags may increase the visibility, interaction, and impact of what you publish. Let’s look at some professional advice that will help you elevate your Instagram hashtag strategy game:

  1. Use Niche Hashtags

Putting a broad net with trending hashtags may cause your posts to be lost in the variability. Choose the best hashtags that are pertinent to your content instead. The probability of interacting with individuals interested in what you do rises thanks to these hashtags’ smaller but more active readership.

The more you use them for your content, the more likely you’ll be able to understand the trending Instagram hashtags. You can even use a hashtag generator to obtain more trending little tags to be seen on your followers’ Instagram feeds.

  1. Social Media Strategy and Identify Trending Hashtags

Trending Instagram hashtags can be tricky to find.

Use hashtags as part of your overall social media strategy. It is possible to guarantee frequent use of pertinent hashtags across your postings. You can employ hashtag usage schedules for content. You can discover trending Twitter hashtags and more by benefiting from these tools. Plus, there are Instagram hashtag generators and marketing templates to ensure your quality content will be more visible on the platform. This strategy aids in preserving a consistent brand identity and messaging.

  1. Encourage the Use of Branded Hashtag

Branded hashtags build a sense of belonging for your company. Encourage your followers to share their experiences or utilize your items with a branded hashtag. Don’t forget to remind them to share the content with a hashtag symbol. Not only does this user-generated material encourage interaction, but it also acts as real recommendations.

  1. Categorize Instagram Posts with Creative Hashtags

Increase the discoverability of your material by classifying your posts using inventive hashtags on Instagram. For instance, using the most popular hashtags like #Wanderlust or #TravelCaptures can be a good idea if you’re a travel blogger.

These distinctive and best hashtags appeal to particular audiences who find trending ones impressive.

  1. Follow Relevant Hashtags

Follow hashtags related to your hobbies and field to stay informed. Plus, observing hashtag suggestions gives you ideas for your own material and enables interaction on your Instagram bio with assistance from other people in your field. Community hashtags help users interact with their followers on the Instagram app even faster.

  1. Add trending hashtags to Instagram Stories

Incorporate trending hashtags on Instagram Stories to tap into popular conversations and boost your visibility for your target audience. Keep an eye on current events, challenges, or trends with daily hashtags that you can seamlessly integrate into your Instagram story.

You can use the Instagram hashtag generator for better results. Every separate comment and post tagged on your profile supports the other hashtags you use on Instagram.

  1. Create a List of Hashtags

Follow popular hashtags related to your hobbies and field to stay informed. Top hashtags give you ideas for your own material and enable interaction with and assistance for other people in your area. You can avoid using the same hashtags and use different ones with this idea.

  1. Be Mindful of the Number of Hashtags You Use

Despite Instagram posts’ 30 hashtags limit, it’s crucial to maintain a balance in your content. When you use too many hashtags, you could come out as desperate or spammy. Aim for a variety of between 5 and 15 well-chosen best hashtags in every post.

Also, avoid repeatedly using the same hashtag in your Instagram content because it can damage your visibility on the platform. Try to use new hashtags to improve your chances of getting recognized.

Final Notes

Even though some people pay no attention to the power of different hashtags on Instagram, thanks to these little things, other users can visit your page and post more. You can invite users easily and quickly if you prefer the most suitable hashtags.

It is possible to get your posts noticed with even one trending hashtag. But be careful about the banned hashtags on the platform, which are useless. Now you know the trending Instagram hashtags and more, it is time to add them and apply strategies to your content to skyrocket your influence on the platform!