iOS 18 Benchmarks Show Impressive AI Performance Boost



Updated: June 26, 2024

iOS 18 Benchmarks Show Impressive AI Performance Boost

Apple's upcoming iOS 18 is showing promising signs of significantly improved artificial intelligence (AI) performance. Early benchmark tests suggest that the new operating system could make iPhones better at handling complex AI tasks directly on the device.

One developer conducted tests using Geekbench ML Score, a tool that measures machine learning performance. The test was run on an iPhone 15 Pro Max, first with the current iOS 17.5.1 and then again after updating to the beta version of iOS 18.

The results revealed a substantial performance jump. Under iOS 17.5.1, the iPhone scored 6,249. After the iOS 18 update, the score leaped to 7,816 – a remarkable 25% increase.

It's important to remember that benchmark scores don't always reflect real-world usage. The actual benefit users experience will vary depending on the specific apps and AI features they use. However, these early results strongly indicate that Apple has made significant strides in optimizing iOS 18 for machine learning.

This boost in AI capabilities could lead to several tangible benefits for iPhone users. More powerful AI could mean:

  • Enhanced AI features: Expect to see improvements in areas like image and voice recognition, more natural and responsive voice assistants, and personalized features tailored to individual user habits.
  • Snappier Apps: Many popular apps utilize on-device machine learning. A more efficient system translates to faster app performance and smoother experiences.
  • Longer Battery Life: Streamlining how the iPhone manages AI tasks could lead to less power consumption and improved battery life.

These advancements also highlight Apple's commitment to user privacy. By processing AI tasks directly on the device, iOS 18 reduces reliance on cloud-based solutions, potentially offering a more secure and private user experience.

While these initial benchmarks were conducted on the latest iPhone model, improvements are expected across older iPhones once they receive the official iOS 18 update in September. The extent of the performance gains may differ based on the hardware capabilities of each device.

The early look at iOS 18 reveals Apple's dedication to making AI a core part of the iPhone experience. As the official release date approaches, it will be exciting to see how developers leverage these new capabilities to create innovative and engaging apps.