How to install Google Play Services on Huawei and Honor devices



Updated: June 26, 2024

How to install Google Play Services on Huawei and Honor devices

In this thread is a full guide for installing Google Play Services on Huawei and Honor smartphones. Follow the following instructions carefully and correctly, and you should get Google Play Services on your phone, working just fine.

To install Google Play Services on a Huawei or Honor smartphone, you will need:

  1. Download the necessary files from Yandex.Disk / Cloud Mail.ru
  2. Install and update the HUAWEI HiSute program from the official website
  3. Make backup of all the necessary data from a smartphone
  4. Reset smartphone to factory settings
  5. Set the screen display timeout settings to “never”

Once the entire kit is complete – we can start!

Here’s a video showing the entire installation process, in case you do not want to follow the text version after the video below;

Installing GMS via PC method

First, perform the follow steps on your phone:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Search for “HDB” (type in search field)
  3. Click “Allow HiSute Access to HDB
  4. We set the switch “Allow HiSuite access to HDB” to the active position

Now, back to PC:

  1. Open the archive “Huawei-Honor-Google.zip” and go along the following path: Huawei-Honor- Google / google apps + lzplay.zip. The folder “lzplay_2019-10-10” located here is copied to “C: \ Users \ YOUR ACCOUNT \ Documents \ HiSuite \ backup”
  2. Turn on and update HiSuite

On your phone, do the following-

  1. Connect to a PC using a cord
  2. Set to allow file transfer
  3. Allow HiSuite to use HDB by clicking “OK” in the pop-up window
  4. If you don’t touch anything, the HiSuite welcome window will open. In it we need to click “Next”, “I Accept” and “Allow”
  5. An 8-digit code appears on the screen.

On your PC:

  1. A code entry field is already waiting for us. Enter and click “Connect”
  2. In the opened HiSuite home window, click “Restore”, “Restore”
  3. Enter the confirmation password and click “OK”
  4. After completing the process, click “Finish.” HiSuite is no longer needed
  5. Open the archive “Huawei-Honor-Google.zip”. We go along the path: Huawei-Honor-Google / google apps + lzplay.zip. Copy the “Google Installation” folder to the root folder of the smartphone

* If you can’t just “drag” the file from the archive directly to the phone, drag it to any place on your PC and then copy it to your smartphone

  1. We don’t need a PC anymore. Can disconnect the device

Method #2: Using OTG / HUAWEI Nano Memory Card

  1. Create a folder “Backup” in the root folder of the flash drive / memory card
  2. Open the archive “Huawei-Honor-Google.zip” and go along the following path: Huawei-Honor-Google / google apps + lzplay.zip. The lzplay_2019-10-10 folder located here is copied to the Backup folder

* this can be done without using a PC


  1. We connect the USB flash drive via the OTG cable / insert the memory card into the phone
  2. Go to the “Settings”. We find through the search bar “Backup and Restore” and click on it
  3. Select “Data Backup”
  4. In the welcome window “Backups” click “Next”, “I Accept”, “External storage”
  5. Choose a USB drive / memory card
  6. Click “Restore”
  7. If asked, enter the password

Continuation is the same for everyone

On your phone:

  1. After the previous manipulations, the application “G” should appear on the working screen. We click, we give all permissions
  2. Close “G” and all other running applications
  3. Start “G” and press the blue button to start the process under the list. We are waiting for the first mistake and move on.
  4. Launch the “Files” application or another similar file manager. Go to the “Categories” tab, “Internal memory”
  5. We find the Google Installation folder and install the first to sixth applications. At the first request for permission to install applications, check the box “Do not ask again” and click “Allow”
  6. Close all active windows.
  7. Open the “G” application and click on the big blue button below the list. In the pop-up window, click the blue smaller button
  8. Turn off “G”
  9. Open “Settings”, “Users and Accounts”, click on “Add Account”, “Google”. The warning about an older version is answered “OK”
  10. We select “Existing”, wait, enter the mail and password. Click “Next.” If asked to enter through the site, click “Next” and log in in the window that opens. There may be delays when choosing the option to confirm entry via SMS code – do not hesitate to click “Send again”
  11. If you have several Google accounts, you should drive everything at this stage. There will be no further opportunity
  12. Close all open applications.
  13. Open the “Files” and install the application at number 7. Errors will start to come into the notification curtain – this is the norm
  14. Open the “Play Market” and install the “Device ID” from the developer “VTechno” (white droid on a purple background)
  15. Close all active applications.
  16. Launch “Device ID” and see the values in the first two positions. We do absolutely nothing with this data. So far, the fact of their presence is important to us. Minimize the application
  17. Open “Settings”, “Applications”, “Applications”, look for “Google Play Services”. If the “Version” field has the value 20.XX.XX – click “Delete”, “OK”. If 19.XX.XX – reboot the device and wait until it is updated to 20.XX.XX
  18. Open the “Files” and install the application at number 8
  19. We open “Device ID” and we are convinced of existence of value in the field “Google Service Framework”
  20. Close all applications
  21. Open “Settings”, “Applications”, “Applications”, click on three points in the upper right corner, select “Show system”. We search and click on the “Google Services Framework”. Next, go to the “Memory” section and click on “Clear Cache”, “Reset”, “OK”.
  22. Open the ” Device ID”. Making sure the value of the “Google Services Framework” is missing

* If the value is still in place: close and open the “ Device ID”. If still not gone – repeat step 21

  1. Reboot device
  2. Checking “Device ID”. Google Services Framework value must be assigned

* If not assigned, wait for the assignment

  1. Open “Settings”, “Applications”, “Applications” and delete “Google Play Services”
  2. Open the “Files” and install the application at number 9