How to gain an audience on Instagram



Updated: June 20, 2024

Today, it is almost impossible to imagine any brand or blogger who would not have an Instagram account. This social network has become quite firmly established in our daily lives. Both an ordinary office manager and a professional football player have an Instagram account. However, most users are united by one desire: to gain popularity. Popularity is gaining, mainly due to new subscribers. Thus, one of the main questions when launching an account is how to get 1000 followers on Instagram. It’s pretty hard to get the very first subscribers. There are quite a few solutions to this problem in 2022.


Probably the most convenient and modern today is the use of a special service or bot that would help you gain your first audience. Many services (such as Inflact) can provide you with a large number of options for recruiting an audience. One of the most interesting is the use of an online bot with the auto followers Instagram function. This bot has a very wide functionality, which will be extremely useful when promoting your account and recruiting the first subscribers.

How to get 1000 followers on Instagram and not ruin your reputation

In addition to using the online service, you can also use other methods that will help you gain an audience on Instagram.


Commenting is a free method of promotion. You leave catchy comments under other people’s posts to draw attention to your profile.

Commenting can be divided into two types:
Conscious commenting;

Spamming the same messages is a bad strategy. Moreover, the account may be blocked.

Conscious commenting is when you read posts and respond to a topic. On big blogs, cool comments on a topic get a lot of likes and are displayed at the top above others. Jokes and personal experience are especially good.

A little trick — perfectly involving comments where there is an idea with which the majority does not agree. Another option is when the subscriber argues with the author. But be prepared for the negativity from the defenders of the author.

In commenting, efficiency is very important. The earlier you write a comment, the greater the chance that the maximum number of people will see it. Therefore, put notifications in advance on all blogs that you are going to comment on.

Taking courses

An important caveat: courses should be on SMM, marketing, copywriting, Instagram development, etc. It is also suitable for advanced training courses that are conducted directly on Instagram. Courses must have chat rooms where participants can communicate.

How does taking courses help you gain subscribers?

Firstly, it gives motivation and tools for promotion. Secondly, in most courses, students get to know each other. In the chat rooms of the courses, you can meet like-minded people and subscribe to each other. Subscribers who come from joint courses are of high quality. These are people who are also interested in developing their account and share your goals.

Writing articles for the media

This is a strong way to gain targeted followers on Instagram for free, which is rarely used. It may seem that publishing in popular media is difficult, but it is not.

Any expert in writing can publish useful materials in the media in exchange for advertising his account or project. In some cases, you will even be offered a fee. It’s simple — publications need good materials, and they will be happy to host your useful article in exchange for providing a link.

Personal experience and expert opinion are the easiest materials to publish. In such material, it is also easiest to insert your link with a call to subscribe.


Reels are a relatively new feature on Instagram. Here you can shoot short videos, apply music and effects.

Now it is one of the most lively channels to attract subscribers on Instagram for free.

As in Tick Current, the algorithm shows Reels even to those users who are not subscribed to you. The coverage of these videos is usually higher than that of posts on the same account.

Life hacks and funny videos are very popular in Reels, but you can also create mini-videos for PR for your brand (or account). The main thing is to approach the creation of videos creatively. You can show your work, backstage and much more. When creating Reels, also take care of the cover. If a user goes to your profile, the covers will help them navigate.

Join to broadcasts

You probably have colleagues with whom you can arrange a live dialogue. Esters have many advantages:

You can exchange audiences with the second participant, and advertise each other natively.

You can advertise to each other even before and after the broadcast.

You can get closer to existing subscribers by showing yourself in an unusual format.

The live broadcast will appear first in the story list, and a notification about it will come to both your subscribers and your colleague’s subscribers. This is a very strong format.

The main thing is to not forget to make an announcement of the broadcast in your stories!

Creating content that you want to interact with

Creating wow content is a direct path to recommendations. Instagram has long been a platform where the quality of content is more important than quantity. Especially if we are talking about publications in the feed.

There are several types of content that are actively commented on, saved, and sent to friends.

  1. Interesting facts
  2. Life Hacks
  3. Motivational videos
  4. Reflection, revelation
  5. Humor

There are a huge variety of formats. But one thing unites them—they cause vivid emotions: laughter, hatred, surprise, delight, envy.

Mentioning brands in stories

Have you bought clothes from a famous brand? Mark it in the story. Are you having lunch at a cool restaurant? Mark not the location, but the account of the place. Often, brands repost stories with marks to themselves and even keep them up-to-date.


In addition to the methods presented above, there are many other options for recruiting an audience, ranging from banal cheating and ending with reposting posts of other users. You just have to choose the most convenient way for you to recruit an audience and use it. The main thing is to approach the problem creatively, and you will definitely succeed!