Free Games This Week on the Epic Games Store



Updated: June 26, 2024

Free Games This Week on the Epic Games Store

Get ready for another week of free games on the Epic Games Store! This week, you can download two exciting titles without spending a dime. Claim your free copies of the charming puzzle game Freshly Frosted and bonus content for the chaotic brawler Rumble Club, all until June 27th.

Freshly Frosted: A Delicious Puzzle Game

Freshly Frosted Free on Epic Games Store

This week's free game is Freshly Frosted, a charming and relaxing puzzle game that puts you in charge of a delightful donut factory. Don't expect a typical factory simulator, though! In Freshly Frosted, the puzzles revolve around the intricate art of donut decoration.

Strategically place conveyor belts to guide plain donuts through frosting stations, sprinkle dispensers, and other decorative delights. The game offers a delightful escape from the everyday with its calming visuals and soothing narration, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day. Whether you're a seasoned puzzle pro or just looking for a stress-free experience, Freshly Frosted is a must-try.

Rumble Club: Free In-Game Items for Brawler Fans

Rumble Club

In addition to Freshly Frosted, the Epic Games Store is also offering a free in-game loot drop for players of Rumble Club, a hilarious physics-based battle royale. Prepare for wacky arena battles with cartoonish characters called Punchies. Forget guns and grenades – in Rumble Club, you'll use physics-powered mayhem to pummel, shove, and outmaneuver your opponents.

Customize your Punchie's look with a variety of cosmetics and master the art of the well-timed haymaker in various game modes. To sweeten the deal, the Epic Games Store is offering a free bundle of in-game goodies for Rumble Club. Claim the free bundle, complete the tutorial, and unlock these awesome items:

  • Exclusive Emote: We Gamin’
  • 1,000 Gold: Rumble Club’s in-game currency
  • 200 Gems: Rumble Club’s premium currency