How To Flash Stock Firmware Via DFU (Broadcom Download Firmware Utility)



Updated: June 26, 2024

Once you have downloaded the firmware file or stock rom that you wish to flash, follow the instructions below to learn how to use Broadcom Download Firmware utility (DFU) with ease.

If you have any issues, post in comments section for assistance.


  • Broadcom USB Driver – Download
  • Broadcom Download Firmware Utility (DFU) tool – Download

Flashing stock roms via Broadcom Download Firmware Utility (DFU)

Step 1 : Install the Broadcom USB Driver you downloaded from above link on your Windows Computer.

Step 2 : Extract the contents of Broadcom Download Firmware utility (DFU) tool on your computer.

Step 3 : Power Off your Android Device.

Step 4 : Download the Stock Rom that you want to Flash on your Android Device and extract it on your Computer.

Step 5 : Now, open dfu.exe (you have extracted this file in Step#2 ) on Your Computer.

Step 6 : Once Broadcom Download Firmware utility (DFU) is launched, Click on the Browse from the Top Right and navigate to the firmware folder.

Step 7 : Once you have successfully located the DFU compatible firmware, it will be automatically detected in Broadcom Download Firmware utility (DFU) tool.

Step 8 : Once Firmware is added successfully in DFU tool, Tap the Download Menu.

Step 9 : Click on Start button to begin the flashing.

Step 10 : Now, connect your Smartphone to the computer (make sure it is Turned Off ).

Step 11 : After Connecting your device to the computer, Press Volume UP or Down Button on your Device so that Broadcom Download Firmware utility (DFU) can detect it.

Step 12 : Once Broadcom Download Firmware utility (DFU) will detect your device, the Flashing process will begin automatically.

Step 13 : Once Flashing is completed, a Finish message will appear.

Step 14 : Close Broadcom Download Firmware utility and disconnect your Android Device from the computer. Then reboot.

You have now successfully flashed your device with its stock firmware.