Elevate Your Driving Experience with 70mai's A510 Dash Cam



Updated: June 30, 2024

Elevate Your Driving Experience with 70mai's A510 Dash Cam

70mai, an industry leader in auto intelligence, has unveiled their latest innovation: the A510 Dash Cam. This new model joins their highly praised Dash Cam Pro Plus+ series, aiming to redefine safety and improve the overall driving experience. Read More

The A510 boasts an advanced Sony STARVIS 2 IMX675 sensor, capturing crisp 1944P footage with a 5-megapixel image sensor. This camera excels in capturing detailed videos, whether navigating bustling city streets or traversing serene rural roads.

70mai Dash Cam A510

One captivating feature of the A510 is its optional dual-channel HDR capability, bolstered by the exclusive MaiColor Vivid+ Solution®. This technology combines image enhancement with a high frame rate of 60FPS, resulting in superior video quality day and night. The HDR function ensures accurate color representation and reduces motion blur in a variety of situations.

The A510 streamlines connectivity with its Bluetooth Fast Pairing feature, enabling Wi-Fi with a single touch. This seamless process ensures drivers stay connected with minimal effort.

The A510 also features Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that alert drivers of potential hazards. Additionally, the built-in GPS tracks trips, recording speed, time, and precise coordinates, while the uninterrupted 4G connectivity* supports various app features and a "Find My Car" function.

Starting from June 28, 2024, the A510 is globally available on Amazon and the official 70mai store. Experience a new level of safety and intelligence with the 70mai A510.

*4G Hardwire kit sold separately and available in select countries.

Enhanced Smart Driving Experience

The A510 offers upgraded hardware and software algorithms, offering remarkable imaging quality and enhancing the driving experience.

70mai Dash Cam A510 Features


The A510 combines cutting-edge technology and user-centric features to create an unparalleled driving experience. Daily commuters, adventurous road-trippers, and everyone in between can discover a new standard of road safety and enjoyment with the 70mai A510.