Bridging the Gap: Top Shooters to Play While Awaiting Black Ops 6



Updated: June 25, 2024

Bridging the Gap: Top Shooters to Play While Awaiting Black Ops 6

The annual Call of Duty cycle is a familiar dance. A thrilling new release arrives, followed by months of honing skills. But once the initial excitement fades, that familiar itch for a fresh battlefield starts calling. This year, the wait for Black Ops 6 feels particularly long. Thankfully, its fall arrival is confirmed, and the excitement is palpable. The Black Ops series, with rare exceptions, consistently delivers a polished and refined gameplay experience.

But how do you scratch that itch for Black Ops-style multiplayer action while Black Ops 6 remains tantalizingly out of reach? Revisiting previous Call of Duty titles might not satisfy the specific desire for a fast-paced, tactical shooter with a hint of futuristic flair. Traditional Call of Duty often focuses on modern warfare or World War 2 eras, leaving a gap for those seeking something different.

Fear not, soldier! The wait for Black Ops 6 doesn't have to be a slog. Venture beyond familiar Call of Duty territory to discover a world of fantastic shooters. These titles will keep you entertained, hone your skills, and bridge the gap until Black Ops 6 arrives. You might even discover a new favorite along the way!

Titanfall 2 – Call of Duty but with Mechs

Titanfall 2

Looking for that familiar Call of Duty feel with a hefty dose of innovation? Look no further than Titanfall 2, brought to you by Respawn Entertainment. This is the studio founded by the minds behind the original Call of Duty!

While not a direct Black Ops successor, Titanfall 2 captures the essence of what makes the series so compelling. It dials up the sci-fi elements with the introduction of hulking, mechanized Titans. But Titanfall 2 isn't just about colossal robots. On-foot combat is a frenetic ballet of speed and agility. Master wall-running, grappling hooks, and jet boosts to navigate maps with unmatched fluidity. Every encounter is an adrenaline-fueled rush as you zip past enemies, unleashing a torrent of bullets.

For those craving a more tactical experience, Titanfall 2 offers a light MOBA twist. AI-controlled bots strategically placed around the map allow players of all skill levels to contribute meaningfully. Don't underestimate the campaign either. It might not mirror the typical Black Ops espionage narrative. However, it's a masterfully crafted thrill ride unlike anything experienced in an FPS before.

Where to buy – PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Steam

Counter Strike 2 – A Modern Take on Multiplayer Shooters

Counter Strike 2

Crave the intense competitive multiplayer of Black Ops but want a deeper challenge? Counter-Strike 2 is the ultimate test of tactical prowess.

Think of Black Ops as your training wheels. In Counter-Strike 2, every move is deliberate. A single misstep, like a loud footstep, can spell defeat for your entire team. Mastering recoil and bullet physics becomes crucial – gone are the days of laser-accurate weapons. Conquer these challenges, and the thrill of outsmarting and outplaying your opponent reaches unmatched heights.

If the strategic depth and high stakes of competition fuel your fire, Counter-Strike 2 is the perfect training ground for Black Ops 6 mastery. Be prepared to leave the arcade-style action behind. Enter the realm of true tactical dominance.

Where to buy – Steam

Rainbow Six Siege – Tactical Depth and Character Variety

Rainbow six siege

Love Black Ops for its character variety and strategic depth? Rainbow Six Siege offers the perfect blend. This tactical shooter boasts the same intensity as Counter-Strike 2. But it has a crucial twist: unique Operators. Choose from dozens of specialists, each with specialized skills, weapons, and roles.

Rainbow Six Siege elevates the tactical experience with dynamic destruction. Need to reach a lower objective? Blast a hole in the floor! Enemies hiding behind a wall? Rain bullets down and potentially score a lucky wallbang headshot.

The learning curve is steep, but the journey is rewarding. From your first match to your hundredth, you'll be chasing that exhilarating moment of pulling off a game-winning wallbang. If you crave strategic depth and the thrill of customization, Rainbow Six Siege is the perfect training ground for Black Ops 6 mastery.

Where to buy – Steam, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store

Battlefield 2042: Large-Scale Warfare in a Near-Future Setting

Battlefield 2042

Black Ops is fantastic, but what if you crave large-scale warfare that dwarfs even the biggest Call of Duty matches? Look no further than Battlefield 2042.

This long-running franchise offers a distinct alternative, though it hasn't quite reached Black Ops' heights. While Battlefield 2042 had a rough launch, the developers have ironed out the wrinkles. It is now a worthy contender.

Time-wise, 2042 aligns perfectly with Black Ops’ near-future aesthetic. Expect familiar weaponry with a touch of sci-fi flair for an exciting twist. The true difference lies in scale. Battlefield 2042 throws you into epic 128-player battles on modern consoles and PCs. This is an experience unmatched by Black Ops. These massive maps, coupled with well-placed objectives and squad-based gameplay, ensure you'll always feel like you're contributing to the fight. If you crave colossal battles and a different perspective on near-future warfare, Battlefield 2042 is the perfect warm-up for Black Ops 6.

Where to buy – Steam, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store