AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification: A to Z Details with Practice Tests

If you plan to advance your career within the IT field, you can consider obtaining some certifications to prove your competence. There are many certificates that check the abilities of the professionals. If you want to validate your skills in working with AWS Cloud, you can think about getting Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. To earn this sought-after certification, the individuals need to nail the CLF-C01 test.

This qualifying exam evaluates the applicants’ knowledge of the architectural principles of AWS Cloud and its value proposition. Furthermore, it checks their comprehension of core services on the AWS platform and the general use cases as well as basic compliance and security aspects of the AWS platform.

Minimal Requirements

The AWS Certification does not have any formal prerequisites. On the other hand, the students need to possess 6 months of experience in working with AWS Cloud. Moreover, they should have an understanding of IT services and their usage in AWS Cloud. In addition, the specialists need to be familiar with the exam domains.

Key Exam Details

Amazon CLF-C01 lasts 1.5 hours and includes 65 questions. There are 2 types of questions: multiple choice and multiple response. The exam is available in Japanese, Korean, English, Indonesian (Bahasa), and Simplified Chinese. The professionals can take this certification test at any center or online. The registration cost is $100.

Effective Study Materials

Preparing for any certification exam is not an easy process. The specialists can use different preparation resources. The following are some tools that the applicants can utilize to prepare for Amazon CLF-C01:

Study Guide

First of all, the students can pay attention to the . They can find it on the vendor’s website. It comes with the highlights of the exam subject areas. It can be a quite useful tool to get acquainted with the content of the test. Therefore, it is a good point of departure for the whole preparation process.

Classroom/Virtual Classroom Courses

At the same time, the individuals can consider using the classroom or virtual classroom courses. They are aimed at those learners who want to gain an overall comprehension of AWS Cloud. They focus on the concepts of AWS Cloud as well as AWS architecture, services, pricing, security, and support. In addition, these training options cover core security services within AWS Cloud and basics of AWS Cloud migration.

Practice Tests

It is pretty important to fulfill all the gaps you have in the exam topics. A practice test is a tool that can help you reveal some troubles you have with your preparation process. The major significance of utilizing this resource is the fact that it assesses how well you are prepared for the real exam. Moreover, they can help you hone the skills that are necessary for the certification test.


Those individuals who want to prove their expertise in working with AWS Cloud can complete the Amazon CLF-C01 exam and get the Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate. This is a foundation-level certification but it still requires thorough preparation. The applicants can consider utilizing various tools, such as a study guide, classroom/virtual classroom courses, and practice tests to prepare for the prerequisite exam.

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