5 Tips to Get 10K Instagram Followers Without Buying Them

10K Instagram followers is a common milestone that showed you have the potential to grow your business or brand on social media. However, most people buy Instagram followers to grow their account. But in a B2B business setting, buying Instagram followers may lead to low-quality traffic on your website, leading to less time spent on pages and a higher bounce rate.

Organically getting High-quality Instagram followers is much safer and best for both your Instagram account and website. In this way, your brand will boost even your target audience will share your content. And you’ll get more opportunities to sell your products. This article will provide a list of 5 tips to get 10k free Instagram followers without buying them.

1) Experiment to Find Target Audience:

If you currently post on Instagram but do not get any audience reaction such as likes, comments, and followers, changing your content type and tone is better. First, experiment with what people see and like; for this, you can check the Instagram analytics of each post. You can also analyze your competitor’s Instagram profile and content and also add different new ideas. Once you find voice and content that resonate with your audience, then publish more posts regularly.

2) Don’t Change Your Specific Niche:

Once you found your specific niche, then don’t go off-brand because your followers expect something attractive and informative content from you about your brand, but when you do too many experiments on your content, then there is more chance you’ll lose your followers. So, stay on brand once you found your target niche and keep posting attractive and high-quality content regularly. 

3) Be Active:

Make sure you are active on Instagram and engage with people by likes and comments on their posts to get more free Instagram followers quickly. However, likes and follow your target audience posts is a great way to get attention to your account. But remember, if you are too active, then the Instagram intelligent algorithm will consider you as a spammy bot, and it might ding you, so be aware.

4) Schedule Your Content:

Industry news, current events, and pop culture help you boost your account, so keep an eye on trending and going viral. First, see what happened in the news and social media that can impact your brand? Then, create the content on trending and promote your Instagram account through Instagram ads. It will help you get more free Instagram likes and followers  quickly. In addition, for better reach, don’t forget to add appropriate hashtags to each post.

5) Optimize Your Instagram Account:

If you don’t get organic Instagram followers, then go back and get a quick look at your Instagram account and see what’s your fault. Optimize your account by adding a perfect bio in which your brand or business is clearly defined, add your username hashtag, and link to your website. Make sure you create high-quality and attractive content because good-looking content is very helpful in Instagram growth.


The interesting thing is that your Instagram account will grow when you hit 10k Instagram followers by following the above tips. But if you don’t have enough time to like and follow other people’s posts and account to drive the audience to your account, you can use the Instagram followers free. GetInsta is one of the most popular and efficient app to use, which helps get up to 10k followers for free. However, for further information, you can check getinsfollowers.com and find how to get free Instagram followers and likes.

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