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All HTC Official RUU Stock Firmware Download

In this post is a collection of HTC official RUU firmware packages. None of the files below have been modified in any form- they are shared as is.

As shown below, the firmware packages are listed by carrier and device variants. Download the firmware that suits your device ONLY.


All download links are directly from HTC servers. If you detect any broken link please notify us so we update the link ASAP.




Device Name Latest ROM # Link
HTC One A9 1.27.502.5 Download
HTC Desire 626s (Cricket) 1.23.506.6 Download
HTC Desire EYE 2.09.502.3 Download
HTC Desire 510 (Cricket) 1.11.506.8 Download
HTC Desire 512 (Cricket) 1.09.506.3 Download
HTC Desire 610 Postpaid 1.54.502.15 Download
HTC Desire 610 Prepaid 1.54.502.15 Download
HTC Desire 626 1.24.502.5 Download
HTC One M9 3.38.502.17 Download
HTC One (M8) 6.20.502.5 Download
HTC One mini 4.13.502.5 Download
HTC First 1.08.502.4 Download
HTC One 7.23.502.9 Download
HTC One VX 2.22.502.1 Download
HTC One X 5.18.502.15 Download
HTC Vivid 3.26.502.56_R23 Download
HTC Status 2.14.502.2 Download
HTC Inspire 3.20.502.63 Download


Sprint/Boost/VirginMobile/ACG/C Spire

Device Name Latest ROM # Link
HTC Bolt 1.17.651.11 Download
HTC 10 1.80.651.20 Download
HTC One A9 1.60.651.4 Download
HTC Desire 510 (Sprint) 1.49.652.3 Download
HTC Desire 510 (Boost) 1.49.652.3 Download
HTC Desire 510 (Virgin) 1.49.652.3 Download
HTC Desire 626s 2.27.651.6 Download
HTC Desire 816 2.33.652.5 Download
HTC One (E8) 3.10.651.6 Download
HTC One M8 Harman Kardon Edition 6.20.654.3 Download
HTC One M8 6.20.651.3 Download
HTC One M9 3.41.651.31 Download
HTC One max 3.03.651.3 Download
HTC Desire 601 (Virgin Mobile) 2.15.652.15 Download
HTC One M7 6.23.651.10 Download
HTC One M7 (ACG) 6.23.510.1 Download
HTC One (C Spire) 6.24.563.2 Download
HTC One SV (Boost) 3.05.653.4 Download
HTC One M9 (ACG) 2.11.510.16 Download
HTC EVO 4G LTE 3.17.651.9 Download


T-Mobile/Metro PCS

Device Name Latest ROM # Link
HTC 10 1.81.531.30 Download
HTC One M9 3.39.531.41 Download
HTC One (M8) 6.20.531.5 Download
HTC One 7.18.531.35 Download
HTC Desire 530 1.01.531.25 Download
HTC Desire 626s 1.23.531.3 Download
HTC Desire 626s (MetroPCS) 1.23.1550.3 Download



Device Name Latest ROM # Link
HTC 10 2.28.617.8 Download
HTC One A9 1.57.617.60 Download
HTC One M9 3.35.617.31 Download
HTC One (M8) 6.12.1540.4 Download
HTC One 7.17.1540.51 Download
HTC One max 4.14.1540.11 Download
HTC Desire 530 1.01.617.27 Download
HTC Desire 610 1.52.1540.7 Download


Additional Devices

Device Name Latest ROM # Link
HTC Desire 530(Wal-Mart Family Mobile) 1.01.352.25 Download
HTC Freestyle (legacy BREW software) N/A Download


How to flash HTC RUU Firmware

  1. Download the RUU firmware package for your device from the links above
  2. Run/Execute the downloaded file on your Windows PC and follow the instructions/wizard to flash the firmware.
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