How To Backup Spreadtrum ROM to SDcard or SDcard1

Backing up your phone’s firmware is very important and necessary if you’re the type that loves trying new stuffs on your device. Like rooting, flashing kernels, custom ROMs, etc.

Also, if you want to build a custom ROM for your device, a backup of your original firmware is required if you do not have a downloaded firmware package.

If you want to backup a device from another Chipset, click here.


How to Backup Spreadtrum ROM to Internal or External SDcard

Now, navigate to C:\user\.android\adb_usb.ini  and edit via Notepad++ or any text editor. Add this PCI ID to the file, to inform adb that you’re working with a Spreadtrum device.


Save and exit.

Backing up Spreadtrum Firmware

  • Once you have fulfilled the requirements above, launch Command Prompt and key in the following commands hitting Enter button after each command line.
Note: Be sure to launch CMD from where your downloaded backuptools.tar archive is located. If you downloaded the backup package for external sdcard, don’t forget to rename to backuptools.tar.

adb push backuptools.tar /data/local/tmp

adb shell su -c “tar -xvpf /data/local/tmp/backuptools.tar”

adb shell su -c “./”

Wait for sometime then check the backup folder in your sdcard and you will find the backup files of your phone’s firmware.

If you get an error message like: sh: applet not found, uninstall the busybox you have installed and install this- Busybox.

To learn how to flash or install stock firmware on your Spreadtrum phone, click here.

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