How To Install Android 7.0 Nougat On Sony Xperia SP

Flashing Android N (AOSP) on Sony Xperia SP devices is just as easy as flashing every other custom ROM. This is an unofficial build, so you might discover some bugs while using this as a daily driver. All basic features seem to function just fine.

View some of the features below.

But note that you need an unlocked bootloader to flash this ROM. Doing otherwise will eventually brick your device.

Issues and Features

Boot : Ok
Bootanimation : Ok
GApps : DeltaGapps acceptable, unstable, backuptool unsure (reflash with ROM)
GPS : Unknown
WiFi : Ok (real SONY MAC address)
Bluetooth : Ok (real SONY MAC address)
WiFi Hotspot : Unknown (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
RIL – Phone – Data : Ok, USSD could be broken
Camera : Ok
Camcorder : Broken
Accelerometer : Ok
Compass : Ok
Gyroscope : Ok
AOSP sensors : Ok
FM Radio : Unknown
LEDs : Ok
Vibrator : Ok
Microphone : Ok, to verify
Audio & external audio : Ok, to verify
Bluetooth audio : Unknown
NFC : Ok, to verify
Kernel : Ok, stable
Graphics : Ok, to verify
3D Rendering : Ok, to verify
Offline Charging : Ok, to verify
SEPolicies : Enforced or nothing! Work in progress

To flash this ROM, follow the simple instructions below to flash the ROM.

Flashing Android N on Sony Xperia SP

  • TWRP 3.0.x – Download (optional)
  • Android N for Xperia SP – Download
  • OpenGapps – (Use packages for ARM, Android 7.0, Micro or Pico)
  1. Flash TWRP recovery via fastboot mode
  2. Reboot to recovery
  3. Make a backup of your current ROM (optional)
  4. Wipe data and cache
  5. Flash AOSP 7.0 ROM zip
  6. Flash GApps
  7. Reboot to system
  8. Done
See screenshots below:

Q : Google Service crashes during Setup Wizard, solutions ?
A : Try to get through the setup. If not, do this with a computer and adb :
> adb shell pm grant android.permission.READ_CONTACTS
> adb shell pm grant android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS
> adb shell pm grant android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION
If you have any question, post in comments section below.

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