Graphical ADB / Fastboot Commands for Newbies, Professionals

Most people scare away from using ADB / Fastboot because they find some of the commands to be complicated or too difficult for them to understand and or execute.

Well,  the issue discussed above will no longer pose a problem as SimpleADB program has been developed by senior xda-developers member.

This program makes it super easy for noobs and newbies to run adb and fastboot commands in a graphical and user-friendly interface without need to have prior knowledge of fastboot commands.

Also, this program is not only useful to newbies, but professionals who want to save themselves the extra stress of having to type commands each time they want to use fastboot or ADB.

What can I do with SimpleADB ?

Available ADB commands:
1. Check connected devices
2. View log
3. Install APK file
4. Install app from device
5. Push file to device
6. Pull file from device
7. Reboot device normally
8. Reboot bootloader (fastboot)
9. Reboot to recovery
10. Unlock PIN / Pattern

ADB Commands

Available Fastboot commands
1. Flash zip (
2. Flash images (boot, system, recovery, bootloader, radio, data, cache, etc)
3. Wipe (system, boot, data, cache, etc)
4. Reboot fastboot

Fastboot commands

Own Commands
By selecting ‘your own commands’, you’ll be able to run commands by typing the text into the red box. See screenshot below:

Own Commands

You can also watch this YouTube video to see what SimpleADB looks like and how to use it.

How to use SimpleADB ? Click here.

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