How To Install Xposed Framework Without Custom Recovery On Lollipop Devices

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If you don’t have a custom recovery (twrp,cwm, ctr) on you device and you wish to install Xposed Framework, read and follow the guide here carefully.

First, you should note that this guide is meant for Android devices running lollipop. So, do not use this on any other version of Android.
The lollipop device you wish to install Xposed Framework needs to have root access before you attempt using this guide.
Installing Xposed Framework Without Custom Recovery
  • Install and run the downloaded FlashFire app, then grant root access when requested.
  • Tap the plus (+) button at the bottom to display the menu.
  • Select “Flash ZIP or OTA” option, and keep the “Auto-mount” option unchecked then tap checkmark icon to continue.
  • Tap EverRoot, and ensure that all options are unchecked.
  • Leave the Reboot option as normal to boot system after flash.
  • Now tap the lightening button to begin the flashing process.
  • A blank screen should show up, then display the contents of your system just before flashing begins.
  • Done!
Now you’ve successfully installed Xposed Framework on you Android device.
If you’ve got questions, suggestion or complaints please feel free to use the comment box below.
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  1. You mean, like your device is stuck at boot logo or what? Give more explanation…

    If it's stuck at boot logo though, just try doing a factory reset…via fastboot, or recovery.

  2. I have ran into a BIG issue, My phone is at the verizon booting screen. And when i factory reset the phone, It did nothing. It takes REALLY long to get off a black screen, Then it goes to the verizon screen. and wont do anything

  3. How do you mean?

    The installer is supposed to install the framework which is not something you get to see.

    Can you further explain what you really mean?

  4. hello my device is lenovo A1000 running lollipop. I didn't flash costom recovery but I want to install xposed framework. it may cause stuck at boot logo

  5. My gapps are no longer working after flashing this package (Google play services crashes thus not allowing me to make an account) Someone help please?

  6. I am running a Verizon Wireless LG lancet for Android on 5.1.1 lollipop. I have an ARMv7 processor and my particular model number is VS820. I don't know how to install a custom recovery on this phone because it is so rarely used. I installed the ARM versions of the installer, uninstaller, and framework. I am nervous that this process will soft brick my phone or not since I have no custom recovery to fall back to in case of a soft brick.
    P.S. I am on a stock version of Android and I am rooted via KingRoot (I've tried to root with SuperSU in the past but got a soft bricked phone in the process)

  7. FYI, the 'installer' is meant to install the 'framework' on your phone. And you're doing it all wrong by flashing the installer and uninstaller in one instance.

    The uninstaller is to be flashed if and when you wish to uninstall xposed from your phone, or if the installation process goes wrongly.

    The uninstaller is also available to help you escape soft bricks. But if it fails, you would have to hard reset pr flash your phone with its complete stock firmware to unbrick.

  8. I am coming across a problem whenever i try to run FlashFire. "Root access could not be acquired, or you are not running either SuperSU or (CM SU with SELinus set to permissive). Are you rooted?" Yes I am rooted but I am rooted with KingRoot which is a form of SELinux. I have no idea what the words with the parenthesis actually means since I am really new to rooting and to the Android Community. Sorry if I don't know a lot about what you guys are saying.

  9. That's a bummer. Now I need to figure out a way to install SuperSU without my device doing a soft brick. Since I don't think custom recoveries week ever be made for this phone (lg Lancet for Android) my soft bricked phone will be "bricked"

  10. I tried this process to flash Xposed framework for MIUI on my redmi 2 prime but my screen is blank for like 20 minutes. Should I wait longer for this to work or its not going to work as it doesnt take this much time? And, how can I start my phone again ? Should I restart ?

  11. I removed the battery and tried to switch it on but its stuck at MI logo. so, I think this process doesn't work with MI devices. Thankfully, I did a backup before experimenting and so, not much of a headache. Right now downloading MINI 8 rom and will fastboot it. What other method is available to install Xposed ?

  12. Hey,
    I have a Sony Xperia Z1 device. Has anyone tried doing the above method on this device? If yes then please reply. I want to know whether it worked on this device or not.

  13. I tried this method and when i am rebooting it stuck at bootlogo and never turning on . I have done factory data rest usnig recovery but nothing solved.So i again flashed my rom
    Is there any way to install xposed framework
    and can you help me creating a custom recovery for my phone

  14. Everything worked well but I when I installed xxposed says framework not installed.can you tell me what is the issue n how am I install it

    • Hi Brolle!

      If after flashing xposed you get such response- I’ll advice that you flash the uninstall package, reboot your device then flash Xposed framework a second time. Once flashing completes, reboot the device. This should fix it!

      • Thanks bro I tried what u said but it still continued with the same thing then I downloaded the latest version of Xposed installer I downloaded the framework from its cloud storage when it was done it asked me to reboot I didn’t know exactly what was going on!! I just gave it try n finally after a boot it’s notified Xposed framework is installed . Like I don’t know what just happened .. but it’s working good with all modules that I installed.

  15. I have samsung note 3 n900 i have used this method to install xposed framework bt my screen stuck on Samsung my phone is not getting on please help me out i have data in my internal memory please help me out.

    • Yes you can! But if it does not work properly on your device, you can alternatively download and install Xposed Installer APK file. This post will be updated soon with this info.

  16. Any advice on how to get Xposed onto my LG G2 VS980 (Lollipop 5.0.2) – with our bootloader being so stubborn? I wouldn’t mind taking the TWRP route, if I could find a safe & reliable method to install TWRP. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a reliable method yet, as almost all of the guides I come across are littered with comments of people who ended up bricking their device. I assume this is because of our stubborn bootloader.

    Any chance you could point me in the right direction? I would really like to get Xposed installed. I would love to have TWRP as well, but I would be willing to go without it if need be, as I have been using Titanium to create frequent backups. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide! I greatly appreciate it.

    • Hi PsyintZ!
      I assume your device already has root access- just download and install Xposed Installer apk file. That should solve the problem.

      Do post a reply if you need further assistance.

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