How To Enable Super User (Root) Access In Cyanogenmod 13

Since Cyanogenmod 12, there has been a built-in superuser feature in the CM ROMs which by default is disabled. But can be enabled, based on user preferences.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to enable superuser in your CM13 ROM with ease. Follow the steps provided below to enable.

Enabling Superuser in Cyanogenmod 13

  • Launch Settings, and scroll down to About Phone > Build Number
  • Tap Build Number seven (7) times to enable Developer Options
  • Now go back to Settings main, scroll down to Developer Options and click on it
  • In Developer options, scroll a little bit down to find Root Access
  • In Root Access options, select Apps and Adb to enable you use root in both installed apps and on pc. You can also select either Adb only or Apps only, your choice.
  • Done!
You can also learn how to enable superuser access from the screenshots below:
Or watch this short video guide

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