How To Unlock Bootloader Of Any Android Device: Universal Method

Most recent Android devices now come with locked bootloaders, making it difficult for most of these devices to be properly rooted. Sony Mobile, HTC, Nexus, and some other devices have official means of unlocking their bootloader, but most recent devices do not.

If you have searched for an official method to unlock your phone’s bootloader without achieving success, you can then try this method. But I advice you verify if there’s actually no official means to unlock your bootloader first. If you want I can help you verify this, just ask in comments.

Before attempting to use this guide, I strongly recommend that you backup your phone’s firmware first. It is wrong to attempt new stuffs on your device without backups, just in case something goes wrongly your device is bricked.

Note: I or leakite is not responsible for whatever use you put this software to or whether you brick your device using the guide in this article. Please backup your device. If you use and mtk device you can backup via mtkdroidtool. Or click here to learn how to backup any Android device at all.

How To Unlock Any Bootloader


Unlocking Bootloader

  • Install and run UnlockMyBootloader,
  • Connect your phone to PC via USB cable
  • Now click Unlock Bootloader and wait for the process to complete.
  • Done!
If you have problems using this guide, please complain in comments section. Share if it’s useful to you.

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