How To Flash Stock Firmware On Your Infocus Android Device

Previously, I posted an article on how to fix your Infocus Android phone if it crashes or bricks resulting from your use of the in built firmware update system (OTA). In this article, you’ll learn how to flash your device with it’s stock firmware manually.

This guide covers two different firmware flashing methods. The first method will teach you how to flash your device firmware without having having to boot into recovery mode, while the second guides you to flash the firmware manually via recovery. One good thing about Infocus devices is that, you don’t need a PC to flash your device firmware package.

Now before you go ahead, it is very important to charge your device to at least 50% before trying to flash any stock firmware or custom rom.


Before using any of the methods provided below to flash stock firmware on your device, make sure you have already downloaded your device specific firmware. If you have not, visit Collection of all Infocus device firmware to download for your device.
Method #1
Step One: Connect the device via USB cable to the computer, and enable MTP mode (Settings → Storage → Options (Top right corner) → USB computer connection → Check the media device (MTP))
Step Two: Copy the downloaded firmware package to the root directory of your phone sdcard.
Step Three: Dial this code * # * # 874 # * # * and click/tap Enter.
Step Four: Your phone will start installing the firmware package. On the pop up screen, click “understand and agree” then select “Install Now”
Step Five: Be patient and wait for the phone firmware update / flashing procedure to complete. Do not shut down or remove the phone battery as this could brick your device.
Step Six: Done. Reboot device to complete.
Note: If your device is encrypted, please perform a factory reset before flashing stock firmware.

Method #2

Step One: Download firmware for your device from the list above, rename to and copy to SD card via USB cable or card reader.

Step Two: Insert the memory card into your phone, and boot into recovery mode.

Step Three: Now select the from SD Card and wait for about 15-20 mins for the flashing process to complete.

Step Four: Please, do not restart the phone or remove battery until the installation process is complete.

Step Five: Once complete, reboot device. Done

As an alternative, if your device firmware is in .nb0 extension you can easily flash it via PC using the simple guide here.

If you have any questions or encounter any problem while flashing your device firmware, please inform me using the comment section below…


  1. Did you get the firmware right! Cause when I opened the the firmware using a file manager I found no apps in system folder…

  2. If your device is encrypted with any form of security, disable it, reset the device then try flashing again.

  3. Suvajit, before throwing that question you should verify from the link you downloaded the firmware already. It's directly from Infocus.

  4. I'm sure the download is not broken, recovery is showing a error message like some unexpected contents in modem/image/cmnlib.b01

  5. You need to be patient bro. If the firmware package is missing some files, that's something that has to be fixed by Infocus, not me.

    I just passed a message across to them; probably the file will be fixed and re-uploaded anytime soon.

  6. Power of your device then try volume down + power button or volume up + power button. One should work on you device

  7. The one posted above is the official stock marshmallow firmware from Infocus. It just happens to be either broken or contains incomplete files. I believe Infocus is working to fix it. Just be patient.

  8. I haven't succeeded in entering recovery mode on InFocus M808, with nor Method #1 nor Method #2.

    (I have rooted it with NewKingroot, confirmed by several root checker apk apps).

    Now I'd like to have custom recovery, cwm, twrp, whatever installed in the M808.

    I hear that InFocus M808 is bootloader-locked.

    Is it necessary to unlock bootloader to have custom recovery installed in the M808?

    Please HELP.

  9. Meo, before you attempt entering recovery mode on your M808 device you need to be sure that a recovery is installed already (stock or custom).

    To learn how to flash TWRP on your device, please click here. If you prefer CWM, I'll provide an easy to use guide for flashing it on your device soon.

  10. Does it can flash the firmware using sp flash tool without this 2 method… if the phone is dead or bootloop then how to flash the phone??

  11. This firmware package cannot be flashed via spflashtool. At this time, the methods above are the only only available means to flash infocus firmware. Though the boot image contained can be flashed via fastboot.

    If your device is stuck in a bootloop, you should be able to access the stock recovery to flash this firmware with.

  12. Place the zip file in the root directory of your internal storage… That is, /sdcard of phone storage.

  13. i use software update tool but this emergency download mode not working only normal download mode works show update finished but my phone fixed. Please help me.

  14. Since you can access download mode, connect to PC and erase via fastboot. After that, try booting to recovery mode again.

  15. Alternatively, allow your phone to continue in the boot loop. Then do the following:

    Connect your phone to computer and while it's about to reboot, or few seconds after it boots up type adb reboot recovery and this should get you to recovery mode. But this has to do with trial and error, so just keep trying until you get it right.

  16. Not working both firmware for infocus m370i .please update firmware .not able to update ota saying server login failed .I once rooted by kingroot but after some time also unroot but in boot mode msg appears you have been rooted .
    I try both which you given but first saying invalid signature and for second also not working

  17. my infocus m2 3g has been gone to a continous booting….that logo comes and plays a song…then it goes and come again……its not at all passing that stage….i tried SUT…but in my pc its telling it needs .net framework version 2.0.507207,but in windows 8 its not even installing(.net framework mentioned above) so pls help me with the clear instruction on what i should do…pls give rom for infocus m2 3g indian,and do give procedure to make it to earlier stage please help me ,collins please… email is

    if you have anything to say to me please write

  18. If you have problems flashing via Windows 8, look for a Windows 7 PC or downgrade. You can temporarily install Windows 7 on a different partition though.

    If you have Windows 8,8.1, or 10 live CD or ISO file, I can guide you on how to install NET framework.

  19. when I update my device It abort then it is not powering on it is showing infocus logo then android system recovery 3e screen .what to do

  20. hi collins,
    please update your infocus M370i rom files. Here is the .nb0 files for M370i & flashtool for it. It worked very fined on my mobile. My mobile was stock on connect WLAN screen & not dectected any gsm WLAN network. Now its working. Thank you
    for .nb0 file for M370i (MM 6.0 Build 00WW_2_080) my email me

  21. Dear collins, i have updated my infocus m680 to marshmallow. But unfortunately my camera features have dissapeared. Wat to do?

  22. I put it in my sdcard at first.then dialed and file not i put in my phones storage stil not found.they have both containing the same file

  23. Please verify using a file manager that the file was properly copied to your internal sdcard root (/sdcard/…), then try flashing from recovery mode.

  24. i connected my m210 to pc and this time it didnt detect it..i cant open it anymore.does it still have a chance to be revived.

  25. Yes, it can be revived. Just copy the update file to your external sdcard via a card reader or a different phone, insert the sdcard to your phone now and use a file manager (es file explorer or X-plore) to copy the file to your device internal storage.

    Once done, try flashing from recovery mode.

  26. it doesnt turn on..i cant go on fastboot or recovery mode either..keep on pressing buttons but nothing happens.i checked it on device manager it detects it as unknown device.though i already installed usb driver.

  27. Plug the phone's charger to a power source and connect to the device. Wait for a few minutes and see if charges.

    If it does, try booting up the device by holding volume up and power button simultaneously. It should still be connected to the charger.

    If nothing shows up on the screen the entire time, please consider posting in the forums section for further assistance.

  28. After i am completed method 2 .after restart raise error msg and restart i.e.unfortunately your andriod has stopped media….

  29. my phone infocus m370i is not going to recovery mode …i tried everything
    1)vol up power key (infocus logo come and switch on)
    2)vol down power key(infocus logo come and switch on)
    3)vol up vol down power key( infocus logo and switch off)

    • If the volume combination doesn’t work for you, use adb command.

      adb reboot recovery

      ..from command prompt on your Windows PC.

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