Monthly Archive:: January 2016

How to edit Android apps from within your device

There are so many reasons why you might want to edit an app on your device. Could be because you want to correct something ‘you deem’ an error in the UI, change or modify the app permissions, edit UI text, etc. With Apkeditor, editing Android apps has never been easier. Both installed apps and ordinary

Extract apk from installed apps with a single click

Previously, I published an article on how to extract apk file from installed applications on your Android device with the use of X-plore file manager. But this is entirely different because it’s a whole lot easier and faster than the previous. Using this means, you can extract both User (apps installed by you) and System

Easily access sdcard and root directory on pc without usb cable

Two months ago, I published an article on how to Manage files on android device via web browser on PC or mobile. This is entirely different from that. The only similarity is the use of wireless connectivity. This method of accessing files over wiifi on pc, mounts your device storage as if it’s connected via usb

How to transfer text messages between android devices

Should moving text messages from your old Android device to a newer device be a problem? I don’t think so…and I guess the feeling is mutual 😉 If for any reason you want to migrate all text messages from one android device to another, carefully follow this guide. Note: you don’t need root access to

How to multitask your android like a pro

The default Android app switcher is cool, but not as good, fast and smooth as Swiftly Swift. This app helps switch between apps without having to press any button on your device. All you need do is tap your screen, and drag your finger to the app you wish  to switch to. One amazing thing about

Easily search and find files on your Android device

Sometimes we find it difficult navigating to the particular directory where we have saved important files: maybe because we have too many files on the device, or too lazy to search for these files 😛Simple File Finder has made it very easy to search and find files on your Android device. To use this app