[Updated] MIUI 7 for Sony Xperia S (Lt26i)

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This post features the all new and cool MIUI 7 for Xperia S. The rom functions smoothly and so far, I’ve discovered no bugs on my device. 
The rom has so many cool features which you might wanna checkout yourself πŸ˜‰
If you wish to install this rom for use or just for testing, carefully follow the guide here to do a complete and clean error-free install. Though, installing this rom isn’t any difficult if you are already used to flashing and trying out roms on your device. You install the normal way.

How to install

Disclaimer: Your use of this guide is strictly at your own risk. If your device gets damaged, I or Leakite will not be held responsible. Ensure to always backup your current rom before installing a new one just in case something goes wrong.

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Step One: Download MIUI 7 for Xperia S

Latest (4.4):
MIUI 7 (6.5.27) [Download]

Older versions:
MIUI 7 (6.5.20) [Download]
MIUI 7 (6.4.22) [Download]
MIUI 7 (6.4.15) [Download]
MIUI 7 (6.4.1)  [Download]
MIUI 7 (6.3.4)  [Download]
MIUI 7 (6.2.28)  [Download]
MIUI 7 (6.1.8) [Download]
MIUI 7 (5.12.25) [Download]

Step Two: Extract the boot.img contained in the zip archive and place in your fastboot folder

Step Three: Reboot device to fastboot and connect to PC (hold volume up then connect usb cable). Then type in these commands:

fastboot devices

fastboot flash boot boot.img

fastboot reboot

Step Four: Boot into recovery mode, wipe data and cache. Flash rom and wait till flashing completes.

Learn how to install Cyanogenmod 13 Marshmallow on Xperia Arc and Arc S

Step Five: Reboot device to system. First boot might take a while, so please be patient.

That’s all…and done!

Now your device is running MIUI 7. See my screenshots below…

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  1. Flash the most recent ftf firmware of Xperia S via flashtool. After that, reflash TWRP then this Rom. This should work.

    It seems like your data partition is unable to contain the data files of this rom. Flashing the latest stock firmware should extend it.

    Please do inform me if this works!

  2. successfully installed but also install gapps for other souces after that when i turn on wifi or mobile data my mobile keeps on restarting every 5- 10 sec.

    any solution??

  3. MIUI ROMs do not require gapps. That is why your phone keeps restarting.

    Wipe your device data and cache then reflash MIUI. But this time, without gapps.

  4. thanks for reply.
    is it possible to install google play store in MIUI ROM?

    i think there is problem with wifi in this rom even in fresh installation device get restarted when connected to wifi.

    any idea how to fix it?

  5. I've not tried using Google Play Store with Miui. Actually, I don't use Google Play Store on any of my Android device. But I think downloading and installing the apk should work.

    About the WiFi issue, I didn't notice such. I think you should download and flash the lastet MIUI 7 version I just updated above, to see if it fixes the problem.

  6. WIFI issue Solved.
    tried installing apk's of google play(including other required pkg) but didn't work for me. Also tried method of stock firmware by downloading google installer but didn't work.

    can u plz check how to install google play store.

  7. Installing from Google Installer is supposed to work as a lot others already use it on MIUI 7.

    Since it's not working on your device, download OpenGapps from Opengapps.org and flash via TWRP. Don't forget to select 4.4 as your Android version.

    Hope this helps!

  8. friend download the rom and donot which is the kernel if I'm not mistaken it says in the facility that is within the folder and is called boot but when panned by flashtools my phone went on the logo sony and it's not there that I can make that the kernel you have to use? regards

  9. The kernel is boot.img, which is already in the rom zip file. If you have flashed via flashtool, reboot your phone and while it is booting up, press Volume Up button repeatedly to get into recovery mode. Then wipe data and flash MIUI 7 rom.

    If you have problems flashing boot.img via flashtool, you can flash via fastboot as instructed above, that is, fastboot flash boot boot.img.

    Let me know if there's something else I can assist you on.

  10. Heavy RAM use in MIUI is a very common problem. I really cannot explain why, but it's a problem from the source code of MIUI Roms.

    You can minimize ram use on your phone by clearing apps which are not in use from task manager.

    Hopefully sometime in the future MIUI team will try to fix this issue.

  11. Hi Collins,
    Wonderful tutorial there. I succesfully installed on my friends device and its working fine. But found bootloop after flashing Gapps, so as a workaround solution tried the google installer app for miui and its working fine.
    Some issues need to be addressed:

    1.I have been running out of space all the time, although there is enough space. I need to install a few more apps.
    2. Native video player does not run only shows blank screen so tried mxplayer, even there is huge lagging and onscreen menu is not showing up.

    Please help

  12. For some reason which I cannot explain at this time, flashing gapps causes boot loop on this port. I'll look up a possible solution pretty soon.

    But just so you know, I'm not responsible for bug fixes so if you really need to submit bugs reports or feature request, visit MIUI official forum- en.miui.com.

    The comments above yours slightly explains the issue with RAM/space consumption. It's just an issue from MIUI source.

  13. I have downloaded 6.5.27 rom and i got a problem when i connct my device into any network connection such as wifi or data connect my device get restart again and again but if i of those connection rom works fine. Now tell me what should i do

  14. I'm surprised you this problem. I've not experienced such issue and I use hotspot / wifi like always. I think there's a conflicting app.

    Have tried flashing previous versions to see if this error goes?

  15. Thanks for your suggestion i have downloaded 6.4.22 version and this rom works fine. Can you tell me how can i import sim contents to my phone. There is no option to import or export sim contents. Please tell me.

  16. Go to Settings, tap System apps > Contacts > Import/Export contacts.
    Select Import from storage.
    On the Import contacts prompt, tap OK.

  17. Hi sir .. i successfully flashed your rom πŸ™‚ i used it minutes ago but i found a bug, it reboots randomly again and again and many times .. i used the version 6.5.20 and 6.5.27 but still the same

  18. i already wipe the cache, data, dalvik, and android secure but when i reboot it to system, the problem still there .. how to fix this sir ?

  19. I assume you've read comments from others indicating they flashed the ROM and it works just. There is no bug.

    Use fastboot to erase your phone's data, system and boot. Reflash boot.img, then flash the ROM via recovery.

  20. Hi sir.. i only used the twrp recovery to wipe the cache, data, dalvik, system. is it recommended to use the fastboot in wiping ??

  21. in my flashing method sir, i only used fastboot command in flashing the boot.elf (twrp image) then after flashing it, i boot to recovery then back up the stock rom and flashed everything (data, cache, dalvik, and system)

  22. Now, you have your backup already. Extract boot.img from the ROM and copy to fastboot folder. Wipe all partitions using fastboot:

    fastboot erase userdata

    then system, and boot.

    Flash the extracted boot.img and reboot. Boot into recovery and flash ROM. No need to wipe or erase from recovery as you've already done via fastboot.

  23. The ROM should work on LT26ii. But I've not tried it yet to be certain. You can make a backup of your current ROM and try it, then give use feedback.

    If it doesn't work correctly, restore the backup you made to fix.

  24. Sir good day!! I installed the latest miui rom sir but the problem is it is rebooting randomly. I think 4 mins. interval. Sir this rom is so smooth, i really like it. I repeat the flashing 5 times and i also follow the procedure. But same problem. It reboots randomly, sir is it a bug of the rom?

  25. Sir? do we have gapps for miui7? Ive already tried all gapps installation but it will just unfortunately stop. .Can you help me sir?

  26. The device is rebooting [ after i sign my gmail account when WiFi enabled ]
    This happened when i install any MIUI ROM

    Ty πŸ™‚

  27. i update miui 7 on sony lt26i, i use every function on it but later when i connect wifi then my phone is automatically restart plz help me how to fix

    • so. Once you install and login to gapps and/or MI-account, and connect to the internet it goes into a bootloop.

      If you disconnect the device from internet (data and wifi) it works just fine.
      So you can’d download any app. If you install them from usb (no internet) they also work fine.

      I guess if you uninstall/not register to gapps and mi-account it would work ok.

      I really do not understand what’s the problem with those two apps, but I’m pretty much sure the problem lies there!

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