Monthly Archive:: December 2015

[Updated] MIUI 7 for Sony Xperia S (Lt26i)

This post features the all new and cool MIUI 7 for Xperia S. The rom functions smoothly and so far, I’ve discovered no bugs on my device.  The rom has so many cool features which you might wanna checkout yourself 😉 If you wish to install this rom for use or just for testing, carefully

How to install Windows 10 port ROM for Lumia 920

This is official Windows 10 (build 10.0.10586.36) ported to Lumia 920. It has all the features of Windows 10 mobile and runs super smoothly. The rom already has built in root access. Disclaimer: Your use of this guide is strictly at your own risk. If your device gets damaged, I or Leakite will not be held responsible. Ensure

How to fix download problem on Marshmallow rom default web browser

This problem is not very common as I’ve not read any complaints about it lately, but actually, it does occur in most Marshmallow custom roms. After installing Pure AOSP Marshmallow rom on my Sony Xperia S, I discovered I was unable to download files over the default web browser. Each attempt at downloading any file,

How to setup wifi hotspot on windows pc without software

Setting up hotspot connectivity on windows pc without using any software is pretty easy, straightforward. Besides, it is important that you setup hotspot on your pc because you may want to share your PC internet connection with another device (phone or computer). Setting up hotspot on your pc can be done through Command Prompt. You

Things you should do if your blog is hosted on blogger

Blogger is a free blog host by Google Inc. that offers amazing services, all at no cost. If you ever want to host a blog on blogger platform, or already own one, there are few things you ought to take note of. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of