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Reset pattern/password lock on Android remotely via sms

Issues of forgotten pattern lock from Android device users are numerous. This might be due to setting a very complex pattern or being locked out after multiple failed attempts. Thanks to Mirooji Bakshi of xda developers, for making it possible to remotely reset it without stress. To remotely reset the lock system on your device,

How to reset pattern/password lock via recovery

Recovery Wrong pattern If you have problems unlocking your device’s pattern or password lock, and your device is properly rooted with a functional recovery installed, just smile and relax as its not a problem. Download this (Download here)  Place it on the root of your sdcard, reboot your device to recovery mode. On the recovery screen,

Three things to note when using fastboot commands

Before you use fastboot commands, especially beginners, try to adhere to these. – Ensure the device driver is properly installed: There are device-specific drivers. Search and download the one for your device before using Fastboot commands. And be sure that Fastboot files are in the directory you’re working on via command prompt. – If your

How To Be A Better Blogger

Blogging is real fun if you know what you’re doing. Some things you should consider to be a better blogger include: – Conciseness: In typing blog posts, try not to beat about the bush. Go straight to the point. Don’t make the typing too voluminous just to present a simple and straight point – it