Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ZTE DL800 (Digicel) Stock ROM / Firmware Download

If searching for ZTE DL800 (Digicel) stock ROM / flash file for your smartphone, download from the link below.

Please follow the instructions provided to flash the firmware with ease. Notify me if facing any difficulty with flashing process.

If you have any problems downloading the firmware (broken link, for instance) please post in comments section for link to be fixed and updated.

Device          -    Version / Build        -   Link        -    Mirror
ZTE DL800  -   2016021711444741   -  Download   -  Download
ZTE DL800  -   2016021711355321   -  Download   -  Download
ZTE DL800  -   2015052714312460   -  Download   -  Download

How to flash ZTE DL800 (Digicel) stock ROM

Click here and follow the simple flashing instructions to update / upgrade your ZTE DL800 (Digicel) device firmware.

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    1. Hi Dwane!

      Download from the main links, not mirror links. The main link is a direct download link and not in Chinese language but English.


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