Friday, July 29, 2016

Download Huawei P9 Plus Stock Firmware (All variants)

This post contains a collection of Huawei P9 Plus stock rom / firmware for all variants. To know the exact firmware that is suitable for flashing on your Huawei P9 Plus, go to Settings > About. There you will get full device information that will help choose the right firmware.

Learn how to root Huawei P9 Plus without stress




How to flash Huawei P9 Plus stock firmware

Click here and follow the instructions carefully to flash your Huawei P9 Plus stock firmware package.

Download credits: Somboons, xda

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  1. Can the L29 stock rom be used on a P9 plus Vie-AL10 dual sim model from Hong Kong, and will it loose dual sim functionality? Changed it to English language but some things are still in Mandarin.

    1. No! I strongly advice you not to do that. Wait until the firmware that matches your phone's build is available.

      Have you flashed it already?


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