Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How To Create Mediatek (MTK) Scatter File in seconds

Create mtk scatter file

If you want to create scatter file for your Mediatek device which can be used to flash stock firmware, follow this simple and straight-forward guide.

Creating MTK Scatter File

  1. Launch MTK Droid Tools
  2. Enable USB debugging on your phone then connect to Computer
  3. Once Droid Tools has completed loading your phone's details, click Blocks Map
  4. Then click Create Scatter file
You can also watch the short video below to learn how to create Mediatek (mtk) scatter file...

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  1. I created the scatter file but when I load it into the SP flash tool the "Location" column is blank. I created a recovery.img using SPFT readback but I'm not sure how to use it to get the file locations to load in the flash tool.

    1. The recovery.img and scatter file should be in the same folder for SP Flashtool to detect it.

  2. pls i have a custom rom i wanna flash but the thing does not have scattered files.... if i create my own from the above post., can i use it to install the custom rom

    1. No, you cannot use it for flashing the custom ROM. Custom ROMs are supposed to be flashed via recovery.

      If the custom ROM is meant for your phone, root your phone and install a custom recovery. Once that is done, extract boot.img from the phone and flash via fastboot. Copy ROM.zip to sdcard, boot into recovery and flash.

      If you have further questions, please visit http://forum.leakite.com and post in Help section.

  3. i have tried to unlock my bootloader but the thing resisted....pls do you have any method of unlocking tecno h5 bootloader because i heard that you cannot flash a cousin l custom rom with a locked bootloader

    1. I can guide you with steps to do that, but please post in our forum's help section so others can learn from your question. This thread is for a different purpose.



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