Tuesday, June 28, 2016

[Fixed] PMT Changed for the rom: it must be downloaded in SP Flashtool

Sometimes when you try flashing stock firmware via SP Flash Tool you get the error: PMT changed for the rom: it must be downloaded but don't know how to fix it. In this post you'll learn an easy fix for this.

Fixing PMT Changed for the rom

  • In SP Flash Tool interface, click Format tab
  • Once in Format tab, click Start to format the phone
  • Now go back to Download tab 
  • Load scatter file of the firmware you wish to flash
  • Click Download and connect phone.
  • Flashing should now commence.

Alternatively, you can watch the short Youtube video below to learn how to fix the above error...

Doesn't solve your flashtool error? Click here to view other errors and how to fix them.

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  1. you're really helping may people in need

  2. got this problem but formatting returns error too.. BROM ERROR: S_DL_READ_PT_FAIL(0X13D1) Please help!

    1. Are you trying to flash a dump (backup) firmware or original firmware package?

  3. HI PMT brom error s_dl_pmt_err_no_space (5069) WHAT IS SOLUTION FOR THIS

    1. The firmware you are trying to flash is bigger than your phone's partitions.

      Verify that you are flashing your phone's exact firmware, or download a different ROM.

    2. this is the model Myphone agua hail i tried 3 different stock rom from google when i used older version of sp flash tool pmt brom erro but when tried latest sp flash tool the errors ar brom erro 08 and pmt change? this problem occurs when i flash wrong rom ... thanks

  4. Thanks a lot man. It worked for swicthing my phone from 32 bit software to 64 bit.

  5. You awesome trick..

    Thanks it work for me.....



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