Wednesday, May 11, 2016

[No Password] Download Huawei Y360-U31 Stock Firmware and Learn How To Flash

A lot of people have been looking for Huawei Y360-U31 stock firmware package for a long while without success finding it. Well, if you're one, here it ends your search.

This firmware has been tested to be working just fine after being flashed on a Huawei y360-u31.

This is an official firmware from Huawei and has no password protection. Just download and follow the flashing guide at the end of this post to flash the firmware.

Firmware download link

Update - 2/10/2016

If you get an update error message on your device while trying to use this firmware, click here to download and flash the latest firmware update file.

Error instance:

How to flash

To flash this firmware on your Huawei Y360-U31 Android phone, please read and follow the easy firmware flashing guide provided here carefully. Click here.

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    1. Link has been updated with a password-free firmware file. Please redownload. Sorry about that, Jun.

    2. You need to explain your problem if you need assistance!

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  3. that rom is for sd card cant flash with the tool

  4. Hi thanks for the newer version- unfortunatly mine says "...over newer build(Tue Mar 8 ... 2016)"
    I ran into a bootloop now im searching for stock firmware to reinstall and later maybe root it.
    Please do i have remove the commandline pertaining to build date recognition or what should i do..
    Any help appreciated.

    1. Removing that line from updater-script should fix the problem.


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