Sunday, February 21, 2016

Collection of all Huawei Android Tablets Firmware

This is a collection of all Huawei tablets official firmware package. From the list below, identify the suitable firmware meant specifically for device and download.

  • Mediapad 10 Link+(S10-231u)  -  Download
  • Mediapad 10 Link+ WiFi (S10-231w) - Download
  • MediaPad 7 Youth 2 (S7-721u)  -  Download
  • Mediapad 7 Lite (S7-931u)  -  Download
  • Mediapad M1 8.0 (S8-301u)   -   Download
  • MediaPad T1 10.0 (T1-A21L)  -  Download
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  • MediaPad T1 7.0 (T1-701g)   -  Download
  • MediaPad T1 7.0 (T1-701u)  -  Download
  • MediaPad T1 7.0 (T1-701w)   - Download
  • MediaPad T1 8.0 (S8-701u)  -  Download
  • MediaPad X1(7D-501u)    -  Download
  • Mediapad 10 Link (S10-201u) - Download

How to flash
  • Download the firmware package from above link.
  • Power off the device
  • Extract and copy the dload folder to the root of an external sdcard
  • Insert the sdcard into device and press Power button to boot normally.
  • The flashing process will begin automatically.
  • Wait for it to complete.
  • Done

If your tablet firmware is missing from the list, let me know through the comments section.

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  1. Thank so much.I will download firmware tomorrow :) :)

  2. Thank so much.I will download firmware tomorrow :) :)

  3. I'm glad you find this useful. And thanks for taking your time to leave a comment.

  4. Hello,
    This is a nice and helpful collection.
    Could you find the stock rom for Mediapad 10 Link (S10-201u)?
    Thank you

    1. Mediapad 10 Link (S10-201u) firmware package has been added to the list.

    2. Thanks a lot :)

  5. No s10-201wd firmware?

  6. Hello do you also have the firmware for the huawei S7-961wd ? Thank you for your help


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