Monday, November 23, 2015

[Download] G-tide G-pad6 Stock Firmware

G-tide G-pad6
This is G-tide G-pad6 official Kitkat firmware from G-tide Egypt. Build version is v2.10. Officially, G-tide is not bringing any lollipop (or higher) upgrade to this device, so this is the best you can get, besides using custom roms.

Download Firmware from this link: G-PAD6-GTEPNZ_V2.10.rar

How to flash

  • Flash via SP_Flash_Tool (learn how to flash with SP FlashTool here) or 
  • Via Fastboot (for selected partitions), that is, fastboot flash {partition} {path_to_file/name.ext} 
Example: fastboot flash boot boot.img


Download all G-tide phones stock roms here

NOTE:  First boot usually takes a few minutes to complete after flashing. Do this totally at your own risk. You are solely responsible for whatever happens to your device.

If you dont understand the language on the Firmware download page, please Chrome browser which has a built-in translator, or use  to translate the entire page.

Download and learn how to flash G-Tide firmware here

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  1. bro can you upload gtide v7 firmware pls

    1. Okay bro, I'll try to get G-tide v7 firmware for you. Just hang in there for a while.

    2. G-Tide V7 official firmware package is now available. Please follow this link to download and learn how to install the firmware.

      Thanks for waiting patiently.


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