Saturday, August 1, 2015

Three amazing Android launchers

There are too many awesome and amazing launchers on the android platform out there, but I just love these. They are perfectly unique.

SwiftOpen is a launcher (not a home launcher) that allows you to launch apps, shortcuts, contacts, calls... very, very fast.
Not only is it fast at launching whatever you want, but its interface also allows you to choose it quickly, without even looking at the phone. And this applies to as many shortcuts as you wish.
It is also lightweight and battery friendly! It is crazy fast!

SAO Launcher is a menu that can be opened anywhere by swiping down from the top left corner. Get access to sms, contacts, apps, and more regardless of which app you're currently in. Ads can be disabled with a $4.99 In App Purchase inside Options, which also unlocks some additional features. v2.3.1 is for Android 2.3, which is no longer supported. v2.6.1 is for 4.0+.

The Sms Extension module lets you reply to sms inside the app and (optionally) receive popups when you get an sms. Just install it and SAO Launcher will do its thing.

The KitKat Theme changes the entire look and feel of the app, including the images and sounds. More themes and extensions can be found inside the Store in SAO Launcher.

Flowhome is a launcher replacement app that allows you to stylish integrate all of your social network feeds and system notifications into one feed which you can like or repost without leaving the app. You can also quickly access information and apps. It is customizable and comes with theme support.

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