Thursday, June 25, 2015

Three things to note when using fastboot commands

Before you use fastboot commands, especially beginners, try to adhere to these.

- Ensure the device driver is properly installed: There are device-specific drivers. Search and download the one for your device before using Fastboot commands. And be sure that Fastboot files are in the directory you're working on via command prompt.

- If your device's chipset is spreadtrum, be sure to add 0x1782 to adb_usb.inf located in C://Users/name/.android , else you'd keep getting this [waiting for device...].

- Finally, if you can't boot your device into Fastboot mode, use adb reboot-bootloader to get into Fastboot mode.


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  1. collins can u tell me how to check whether device's chipset is spreadtrum but i have infocus m680

    1. Download, install and run the app provided in this link. It'll display your entire device hardware properties.


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