Saturday, April 18, 2015

How To Fix Itel (Spreadtrum) Devices With Pattern Lock Issue

For sometime I've been getting lots of texts, mails from friends and others about unlocking or resetting Itel Droid devices with pattern lock issue - forgotten pattern, wrong pattern attempts, etc which may have led to the user being locked out. You are displayed a screen to enter your Google account details or stuck on the pattern lock/unlock screen.

Many people find great difficulty in resetting the device since some have no stock recovery or 'very' hidden recovery like one of the Itel devices I fixed such problem as this weeks ago.

Ignore tutorials asking you to flash a new boot.img as that is just plain waste of time and stressful, if you ask me. Could result in soft bricks too if wrongly done.

Now, the only option to successfully fix this problem is to reset the device remotely via a PC.

Requirements -
1. PC
2. ADB and Fastboot files - Download at the end of the post
3. Spreadtrum Drivers - Download at the end of post
4. A functional brain (guessing you have one already) :P

How To Fix
1. After fulfilling the requirements above, launch Command Prompt (CMD) on your pc and locate the folder containing your adb and fastboot. For fast and easy access, place the folder on your desktop, While holding down SHIFT button right-click your mouse and select Open Command Window Here. Done - the environment is setup now.

NOTE: In order to tell adb that you're working on a spreadtrum device, add this code 0x1782 to the file adb_usb.ini after editing with Notepad. The file is located here C:\Users\user name\.android.

2. If USB debugging is already enabled on your device, it makes this process a whole lot easier. If not, dont panic yet, power off your device, try the following key combo: vol- and power, vol+ and power, vol- + vol+ and power button together. Just keep trying until it boots into fastboot mode.
Before attempting the steps above, first conect your usb cable to your device and connect to the pc and type in this

adb devices
If your device serial number is displayed, then usb debugging is enabled. Go ahead and type in this
adb reboot bootloader
in order to reboot the device to bootloader, fastboot mode.
If not, then try step 2.

3. It is assumed that you're in bootloader/fastboot mode now. To verify this, type

fastboot devices
if your serial number is displayed, perfect. If not, repeat the above steps.
4. Now type in this to reset the device and fix the pattern lock issue
fastboot erase userdata
it should take only a few seconds and display and a success message.
5. Finally, type in
fastboot reboot
to reboot your devices to system.
And thats all you need to do to fix your pattern lock issue. Now smile coz you did it!
NOTE: This works on some other Android devices besides Itel.


.android folder (just incase you dont have the folder already in the specified path) - N/A

If you have questions, complaints, or suggestions, please post comments below.

Just in case you need the stock firmware to flash your iTel device with, download from here

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  1. I can't boot into fastboot on itel 1503. Its locked and usb debugging isn't on.

    1. Try using button combination when the phone is turned off to get into fastboot.

      Volume down + power button. If it doesn't work, use Volume up + power button.

      One should work on your device.

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